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Hi all,


Advice please on PH.


I ordered a cooker from them on 11th December.

Our one went bang and I couldn't really afford right on top of Christmas to buy one outright.

They delivered an installed the cooker on 13th December.

However, my wife didn't like it.


Literally that day my circumstances changed for the better in that I sold a house so we decided to withdraw from the agreement with PH and buy one outright, which we did.


I put the withdraw from agreement in writing to PH on the Friday evening (13th).

They responded on the Monday (16th) stating that I was within my 14 days so they would arrange for someone to phone me to collect the cooker.

All good so far.


However, the cooker now still sits in my hallway.

I have tried numerous times to get them to collect.

Both the wife and I work full time so I can understand that it can be fairly difficult to arrange dates and times for collection.


The issue I have is that the courier company PH use will not give me a time slot until the day before collection.

For instance I booked collection for today, Wednesday 8th, and told them I have to leave for work at 1pm.


They send me a timeslot last night of 2.20pm-4.20pm. I

phoned them to tell them I wouldn't be in and need to re-arrange, which I have done for Monday.

I am not home until 4pm Monday so the chance are I will miss it again.


This collection has been booked now 7 times and re-arranged.

They will not collect on a weekend as PH won't pay them to do so.


A few questions, where do I go with this now?

Are PH likely to try and charge me for having it all this time, are they allowed to?


What would people do now?





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nothing they can do to you.


stick it outside where they can collet it at will.

send them a message its there waiting them


not your problem.

if you wish belt and braces

take a few photos.





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I was thinking of it to be honest, but it will ruin their machine.

And I don't care in so much as I know they are ..., but I do care in that do I not have to take reasonable care of their goods whilst in my possession? 


And, on 2 occasions when we have had bookings my son, who is 13, could have been at home for them to collect (keep in mind that all they are doing is collecting it from the hallway - it is disconnected etc) but they need someone at home over the age of 18 to sign?! 

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Not aware of any such rule

Your son can use a phone film them

All the proof needed


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