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Accused of Lying about sickness

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where do I start ? I work nights and under new contract it states boxing day as voluntary but the employer says on nights boxing day night goes into normal day and if your contracted to work that night you must work it (same for other workers )so questioned it on the Monday before Boxing day and got it confirmed by employer I have to work it I thought well fair enough and that was that I was ill on the Monday too but I don't work Mondays and Tuesdays anyway thursday (Boxing Day)I rang in sick as I was still ill but went back in Friday still not great but can't afford to be off.

Anyway on the Friday I received a letter saying that I refused to work boxing day and basically saying I wasn't sick I refused and had a scheduled meeting for investigation following week on Saturday just gone I went told them my case and on the letter it states for a decision to go for disciplinary meeting or not so I got told Im going to have a disciplinary meeting basically still making me feel like i'm a liar when i'm not.

Any advice please? 

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Hi, some people with the kind of expertise you need will be along before too long to start giving you some advice about this.

In the meantime could I please ask you to make your posts in a well spaced and punctuated way because otherwise it becomes extremely difficult for people to understand. I'm afraid these kind of things are far more difficult when you're looking at a computer screen – and many people are simply looking at a telephone screen which makes the problem even worse.


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it sounds like they are looking to take action for misconduct (lying) rather than attendance policy. Ad have reasonable belief that there is a case to be answered.


They do not need absolute proof, simply reasonable belief.


- are you in a union?

- have you got any warnings on file already for anything at all?

- how is your sick leave usually? much time off this year?

- if you were ill on Friday, did you look ill, did anyone comment on it or notice it?

- I am assuming you didn't see a doctor, but if you did (or a pharamacist) please correct me.

- get hold of a copy of the conduct/ disciplinary policy. Does it list what they consider gross misconduct versus regular misconduct? What does it say about lying (which the are suggesting you did.)

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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