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Auxillis advice needed after bad repair and car left cover in damp and mold

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Hi thanks for the advice.

Last night I thought I am fully com and covered for damages .

So I called hastings today and said I want to make a new claim for water damages to my car.

Well that kicked up a storm has  hastings won't let me start a new claim.

But are now looking to take my car back and send it to another garage and stop auxillis having anything to do with it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will hear from hastings but I won't hold my breath.

I am still going to the omnibusman with hastings and auxillis no matter what the outcome.

They moan about crash for cash claims but auxillis are worse that them people.

And until companies like them are stopped insurance with remain high.


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as you know that the water damage appears to have been caused by the agent of Hasting, it seems senseless to make a new insurance claim because this will simply impact on your claims record. This seems to be a clear case of Hasting responsibility and a case of breach of contract or negligence of their agent

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as you have started coming to us for advice, I don't think it's very wise for you to start doing things on your own without at least consulting with the people on this forum who have some experience. We don't necessarily have all the right answers but you should at least get other opinions before you start going it alone

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Thank you and I am not going it alone.

Hopefully hasting have and will accept responsibility.  But even if they do and it gets sorted I have stated the omnibusman off with hastings and as soon as auxillis give me a final response I will take them to the ombudsman. 


The garage are at fault for the repairs and damage. 

But right now I want my car taken of auxillis and the garage and taken to another company .

With everything that has happened between auxillis and acorn assessors .



Hastings are finally saying they have reopened my claim and the handler will be in touch to arrange the repairs.

Again all recorded.


But I am driving down to the yard my car is in to see if the cars still there .

If it's been covered up or left in the rain.

Lucky the car can be seen from the rd and I will be taking more photos if it is.

Thanks again once I hear from hastings I will update it on here.

I don't agree with the way it's been dealt with and fully intend to share everything so others are aware of what not only hastings but other big insurance companies do by using company's like auxillis.


I would even go so far as to ask these compare sites to add the details of the accident claims companies to the info on their sites so people have the choice when buying there insurance of not having to deal with companies like auxiliary. 


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I'm not quite sure if you are saying that you have already started a complaint with the ombudsman. Although we don't have any faith in the ombudsman here, it would be a good idea to start something of straightaway in respect of both companies – in order at the very least to get them to focus.

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8Hi well the car was delivered on a flat back non running flat tyre drivers side window not working  1 inch of water on the passengers floor.


I had a inspection done over the weekend that has highlighted even more bad repairs. 

When the inspector called tech reports they stated that there was a drivers report and it said when he opened the door water fell on the floor and on the seat.


Now I have all the photos of the drivers report and no report .

No photos of the alleged wet seat.

Apparently when he drove the car his bum was wet from the seat.

I have Tryed and Tryed to get this report but they are delaying it.


They are blaming the water and mould on the fact I would not accept my car back with bad repairs.


My inspection as highlighted even more mistakes.


I will add a link to the video and if needed I will remove it .


https://www.dropbox.com/s/e0lur4ijshx13qe/Car being retuned.mp4?dl=0

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Well there's been a bit of a break in this so I've rather lost the plot.

Trying to refresh my memory by scanning through the thread, it seems to me that instead of dealing with it directly, Hastings have appointed an agent and the whole thing has gone to worms so that your car is in much worse condition than it was just after the accident.

You now have possession of the car I gather. You are still driving a hire vehicle.

Is anybody screaming for the return of the hire vehicle?

What is the latest situation in terms of what Hastings have said or their agent has said? Did you start an ombudsman complaint?

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Hastings are investigating it and we are waiting on the drivers report from the garage.

And photos of the leak they claim the car had.


Although it was picked up on the 26th of September and we had no rain from the 22nd till the 30th.


I still. Have the hire calm I called auxillis friday after the car came back ask about the hire car going back and was told they would be in touch .

I then emailed hastings stating that I had called auxillis and that I was told they would be in contact to collect the car.


I suspect that they will try denied the call and charge me for the hire.


I also had the rac out when it was delivered he got it started but said it's not fit for use I have that report.


At the weekend I had it inspected again myself and it's highlighted more issues with the repair .

cut rubber seals on the door just pushed back on not replaced

lumps under the paint 

Still waiting in the report but loads more issues .




Sorry both auxillis and hastings I bo2 have the omnibusman involved but it's just started

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I think you should get two independent quotations for the repair work. This means that you should get two independent experts to inspect the car, to detail exactly what is wrong, what needs doing and to give you a quote for repairs.
It doesn't seem to me that you have so far obtained any definitive statement as to the condition of the car or the value of any claim.

It seems to me that  is an essential next step.

You might also tell us what is your complaint against Hastings? Have you done this by letter?

Also I see that you have been talking about phone calls and you are worried that Auxillis might deny the fact that they were giving you the hire for free. Aren't you recording your calls?

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