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    • looking for a bit of advice before making call to V12 and where i stand with this, this time last year i took quite unwell, i contacted v12 around April 2019 to explain my circumstances and if anything they could do, they informed me they would refund all the charges on my account, would suspend for a few months, but this would also involve a mark on my credit rating, recently i have been getting calls from them, letter telling me not to ignore this, and letters of action, also an email the other day from someone saying they have tried to contact me by several means and they were putting any further action on hold for 15 days before taking any further action in order for me to contact them, also receiving statements from them regarding my account with them, checking my bank account again to notice no DD were stopped and every one paid up to today, last one was last week, then checking there statements and no refunds were made either, i had also started a complaint with them as goods were faulty and repairs not been met, which they have rejected also, so will be writing to the fos any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks   
    • Hi.   Can you let us have the information requested in the forum sticky please? It will help us to advise you.     HB
    • Dear Caggers,   Today (23rd January 2020), I received a PCN from MET Parking Services, Here are the specifics: Date of contravention: 28th Dec 2019 Date of issue of this notice: 20th January 2020 Maximum permitted stay: 180 Mins Length of stay: 225 Mins Date I received notice: 23rd January 2020 (Today)   I have been notified of this fine almost 26 days later, is this allowed for such a long time lapse?  
    • I think of far greater importance is the poor people who have been convinced by those who say the MMR vaccine causes autism and so those people, thinking they are protecting their children rather thygan putting them at risk, dont get those children vaccinated.     The reality of course is that ANY risk from the vaccine is astonishingly small, and the benefits are astoundingly large.   its a sad fact that in the UK we are close to the level of 'none take up' where we will lose our 'herd' immunity despite many kids inheriting a level of immunity from their inoculated parents, that is by no means certain. Just like with the Victorian horror of TB which still lurks waiting. http://vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/herd-immunity   So, unlike politicians lies, when we do get an outbreak those kids who weren't inoculated and contributed to that loss of herd immunity will suffer the utterly horrendous consequences first and hardest.       In fact, I'm so convinced that if it were suggested by a reputable source that there was evidence that a fresh booster on top of the ordinary ones just could aid in improving immunity ... I'd be queuing up and suggesting all my loved ones  do the same.  
    • Nature of Counterclaim      Loss of Income arising from inability to work due stress caused.   Particulars of Counterclaim      This has contributed significant stress to my life and as an xxxxx affected my ability to work.     I wasn't expecting to have the option of filing a counterclaim and had very little time to do it; with no legal knowledge I kept it simple.  
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When dealing with companies I tend to do everything in writing. As a matter of course I do not entertain telephone calls and I don't tend to call companies back either. When I have an issue I deal in writing only, so never really had a reason to set up the facility to record calls.

I find keeping a paper / letter trail simpler.



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My car is gone now, total bill from recovery yard was £850 , I got a receipt and detailed invoice from them.

I will start doing the letter of claim and will post it here a little later, if someone could take a look and let me know if I should change anything I would appreciate it


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Far too much detail in my view. Give me a few minutes.

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Letter of Claim




Dear Sir/Madam,


As you are aware, on XXX date on the road XXXX you drove into the back of my car registration number XXX and caused damage.

The collision was caused by your negligent driving. As you know, amongst the witnesses were two police officers in an unmarked car which was directly behind your own.


My vehicle suffered serious damage and has been assessed as not economically repairable.

So far you have failed to respond to correspondence although I have gone to lengths to keep you advised as to various inspections of my vehicle, cost of repair, storage costs et cetera.


I am fully aware that I have a duty to mitigate your losses even though you are responsible and have failed to communicate with me. As a result, I have now arranged for the disposal of the vehicle as it was assessed as a total loss.

I have supplied you with all necessary warnings and also copies of inspections and invoices et cetera.


My total losses include: 

Ford Fiesta vehicle, XXXXXXX  ……. £1690 less £40 which I received from a scrapyard and which I have deducted from the value – £1 650

Recovery from scene of accident and stoarge costs at xxxxxxx in xxxxxxx…..£850

Independent damage report from XXXXXXXX, Claims assessors / Valuers …...£78

Postage / Communication costs  ……… £20


Total amount claimed from you: £2598


For your reference I have enclosed a copy of previous communication issued to you, invoice from car recovery company, car damage report with invoice from assessor , all of which have drawn no response from you.

I please let me have your cheque for the full amount of the Debt sent to the following address: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


If I do not receive this sum within 14 days then I shall begin an action in the County Court to recover the sums plus interest plus my county court costs and without any further notice to you. Copies of all paperwork including my unanswered correspondence will be shown to the judge.



yours sincerely


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Great work ! Will amend as suggested and send on Monday with the relevant attachments. :-)


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