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Travelling to Zone 1 using Zone 2 -3 pass on TFL

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Hi Guys,


I need some help,


I have been travelling to work in zone 1 only using zone 2-4 oyster travel card over the period of 10 months and have estimated to have made 160 one way journeys without touching out at the end journey due to the barriers being open.


I haven't been stopped by any revenue inspectors and i have now completely stopped and made sure I touch out even if the barriers are open and use pay as you go for my journey to work, I am worried that I will be chased by TFL in the future for fare evasion.


I want to know if you guys know whether i can pay for my historic incomplete journeys somehow and get this burden off my head,

I am very worried and in depression thinking that I will be chased and I have done something without realising how serious offence this is. 


Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated?




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Well first of all it is very decent of you to be so concerned and so honest about this. I'm sure that you are in a very small minority of people who would be prepared to pay an historical debt like this.

I think the best thing to do is to write to TfL and explain the situation to them and ask them for an assessment of what they believe you owe them

By doing this, I think that they will simply be overwhelmed by your honesty – and they may not even know where to file it!

It certainly would be a fairly serious thing if you are caught – but now you have clearly decided to pay the correct fares, I don't think it's an issue any more – and owning up in a letter to TfL will put everything above board and they will congratulate you – and I'm quite sure there would be no attempt to impose any penalty.

If there was any such attempt then let us know.

I have contacted TfL and asked for a suitable address

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you wont be the only one that has done this nor be the last.


I've never heard of them retrospectively detecting nor prosecuting someone that has done this and now stopped but have 'fessed-up' to it themselves.


you aren't currently doing it and have stopped the practice so there is no current method either for detection of your past mistakes.


pers i'd not do anything though I admire your spirit.




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I've had a response back from my contact at TfL and I'm sending you by private message the address and also email address of a person at a very senior level who is aware of your case.

Please send him a message – and I can promise you everything will be fine.


You're probably best off sending an email and I suggest that you put "Consumer Action Group" in the subject line so that it will catch his attention amongst the many emails which I'm sure he receives.

(He's very impressed)

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We haven't heard anything more. I hope it's going ok. I don't know no if the OP has used the address that I sent buy private message


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