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    • No...as already advised otherwise that will cost you a further £255 application to get the courts permission to use expert evidence....evidence which has no connection to the actual court claim.
    • So you have not missed a direct debit and have not defaulted...okay they have not made any refunds to the account as promised no surprises there.I assume they have not marked your credit file because you have not missed a payment ?   The problem with the TV itself should be directed to AO.COM not V12 Finance.
    • The UK has actually lost its WHO 'elimination' status   Why have we lost elimination status? WHO defines measles elimination as the absence of circulating measles, in the presence of high vaccine coverage, along with good systems to identify cases of the disease. In countries that have eliminated measles, measles can still occur, but these will be isolated cases that only have limited spread within the community. The UK initially achieved WHO measles elimination status in 2017, based on data from 2014-2016. However, in 2018, there was a marked increase in the number of confirmed measles cases, with 991 confirmed cases in England and Wales, compared with 284 cases in 2017.  Furthermore, the same strain of measles virus (called B3 Dublin) was detected for more than 12 months across 2017 and 2018. Based on this, WHO determined that the UK could no longer be consider as ‘eliminated’ and that transmission of measles had been re-established. The UK has actually lost its 'elimination' status on measels   https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2019/08/19/measles-in-england/           and anyone who isn't concerned, should be Latest update In England, 301 new measles infections were confirmed in the period between April and June 2019 compared to 231 in the first quarter of 2019. Cases were reported in all regions except the North East. Most cases (266) were in unvaccinated individuals aged 15 years and over. Continuing the increase seen between January and March, 2,028 cases of mumps were also confirmed in the second quarter of 2019, compared to 795 last quarter. The increase in mumps has been mostly driven by outbreaks in university students. Cases were reported across England, predominantly in young adults aged 15 to 34 years.   Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at Public Health England (PHE) said: Nearly half of the mumps cases this quarter were unvaccinated. While the mumps component of the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine is highly effective at protecting young children, immunity can reduce over time. Therefore, older teenagers and adults who received two doses of MMR in childhood can still get mumps although this is generally mild compared to those who are unvaccinated. One new case of rubella re-infection in a pregnant woman was also reported.   https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mmr-vaccination-call-following-high-numbers-of-measles-cases  
    • I understand. Unfortunately I feel there is an injustice taking place here and thought it was the right thing to do. I'm not expecting anything from it, but maybe there is some justice and they will be held to account for pursuing this.   Should I enter the doctors' names as expert witnesses? I would like to post the questionnaire today.
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Not sure if I have the right place but a lot of questions seemed to be answered really well so I will try and tap the available knowledge.


I am a student mental health nurse in my second year and have run into a problem regarding my licence.


At the start of June I had a bipolar episode that finished, declared by my psychiatrist on Oct 6th.


I am fine with this (as you can be) as it has happened every 5 years for the past 20 years.


The time previous to this I took my car off the road and did not inform the DVLA and then when my psychiatrist "indicated" it was ok I drove.


This time because I wanted to do it right because I am trying to "do it right" I contacted the DVLA and just wow.


They told me the date was to be the 29th November to start my 3-month ban and that I was to send back my licence and re-apply after those 3 months.


Can I ask a question or two about this information???


Why did they start my 3-months on the 29th Nov when my doctor told me I was completely fine on the 6th Oct - It has added a huge amount of time onto my ban (7 weeks approx).


Is there anything I can do about this? It's like they picked a future random date out of the air(29th Nov). 


Can I get them to go with my doctor's 6th Oct if I ring up and tell them this is the date she chose (she chose to declare me ill on one day, why do they ignore the date I was well?)


Should I ring them up and if so, what should I say?


Also on the re-application papers sent out there is a section that says:


                                                 "where there has been a history of frequent relapses a longer period of stability will be required..."


Honestly, this terrifies me. What is the time they count as "frequent relapses?"


Is it every 2 or 3 years, or 5? 


If it is 5 years and  I fall under that banner say, what are they going to say to me? A 6 month absence?  A year?


It's pretty scary stuff to be honest.


If you can reply, can you be sure to give me the correct info if you can.


I thank you for your time in advance,


All the best, ste.

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Sorry this is not an appropriate question to ask on a public forum, because this involves legalities of whether you can drive following a health condition diagnosed by a Doctors.


You MUST contact DVLA with the  full information, to enable them to provide you with the information you are seeking.



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