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CFW - New Samsung - Scratched in box

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Hi there 


I trully want to keep this short and I will try my best, so here is as short a story as I can make it 


Sunday 30th Nov 2019 (3 days ago) girlfriend took advantage of a black friday deal with Carphone warehouse and bought me (in my name and paid by me to latter be paid back by her) a christmas gift for me.

I falgship samsung note 10 plus 5G with a Vodaphone 24 month contract.


took unopened phone home late satuday eveing, opened it the following morning (as we had been shopping all day and were tierd, New phone had scratches on it, 

the following day as soon as the shops were open (a sunday) off we go to get it exchanged, 


head off the our parked car with now new exchanged phone, GF says, best we open it to check and be sure its ok. low and behold, scratches to front screen/or protector.


beack we walk to store, they refuse to exhcange phone, and are only willing to offer a after market screen protector 


called CFW customer service as we now are driving to a new CFW store, 52 minets latter CFW customer service awnser my call just as I am now standing in line at the other CFW store, take the call and explain to customer service my problems, they confirm a new phone should be given, as luck would have it they dont have stock, 


stock is checked and we are now driving to a new CFW. get there, and the assitant is unable to say what she is willing to do as she needs a manager who she says is not in stare and wont be as they are currently in the process of changing them, but says she will text two other managers, 


so we wait 3 hours in store and no reply for said CFW managers . we leave with a promise of a return call.


I first asked to a replacment but as this was not happening and I had spent all day chasing round, I then said, please cancle my order/contract as the phone clearly has a fult.


assistant was un willing.


have now spent all morning from 8am to now 1.15 chasing this issue going from calling Citizane advice to calling vodaphone to calling CFW customer service, 


NO ONE is willing to resolve my issue 


what do I now do????


If I go back in store, I fear I will waist an other day and get no were 


ps, please forgive any spelling mistakes, I was born dyslexic 





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Please read our customer services guide. Implement the advice there. any future phone calls that you have should be recorded according to the advice we give in our customer services guide.


I would suggest that the next thing you do is that you write a letter and explain that because of the defect in the telephone which you discovered as soon as you open the box, you are returning it for a full refund under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. 

Take the telephone back to the store from which you purchased it together with the letter and see the manager and hand the phone and the letter back to the manager. Go with a friend so the whole thing is witnessed. see if you can get the manager to sign a copy of the letter to show that it was received. that means take two copies of the letter to the store.


If you can manage that then come back here and we will help you get your refund. 


In future you should insist on the box being opened by the store assistant so that it can be checked before you leave the store. I'm surprised that you didn't do this the second time that you bought the phone. You would have saved yourself a lot of trouble. Waiting until you were away and in the car park was not a good idea

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all sorted now, 


wrote to ceo this morning, got a reply from his team, they agreed a exchange.


took over a hour in the shop mind and there system would not accept the retun but we got there in the end


I do get the feeling I am being blamed for the scratches as its been sugested on many occations that I could have dropped the phone 

 which unless they have good reason to think this, its speculation and not warrented 

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