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    • bundle and WS are the same thing. all you need to do is do a witness statement  you have an advantage here don't lose it  you have their WS so can we can rip it apart.   do the link FTM says please get their WS up totally read our upload guide carefully inc use of PDF reducer /merge sites.   we dont need the cover sheet to each exhibit but everything else we need INC the name of the creator of their WS.   forget everything else you think you need to do or might have been wrong in process.   all you need to do is get a WS done and file it to the claimants sols and the court. pref by 18th.   lastly did you send a CPR request?      
    • Thankyou FTM   What I had sent in was a DEFENCE whoch was prepared/drafted by one of the appealing companies.   Since the defence they have vanished. Their email is now returning ' undeliverable'     The bundle I received today from the PPC has everything in it, including the claim form, my DEFENCE and their WS.     I am happy to redact and post the whole bundle and then you have everything.     Am I able to post the whole bundle here redacted?    the 18th January is deadline to send all documents to Claimant and court , that the DEFENDANT wish to rely upon in the final hearing . These must be in a bundle and DEFENDANT must bring the originals to the final hearing   The 1st February the C and D must send to the court and to each other copies of their own witness statements and those WSs they intend to reply upon in the final hearing. The WSs must comply......etc..     so I think the January one is for documents/bundles and the February one for the WS.    What I filed previously was a DEFENCE which was a bit general in some points rather than specific to which the claimant WS has referred to            
    • Right ... you can't file a new defence, what is done is done.   I don't really understand the difference between the  18 January deadline and the 1 February one.  In any case there is still time to respect the 18 January deadline and as a LiP you will be given some leeway.   All this secrecy though is nonsense.  No-one can help you if you don't give any information.  Forget about all the "identifying" rubbish, these horrible companies have hundreds of cases going on and can't monitor each one.  "Someone is suing me about something I did somewhere" will get you nowhere.   It's highly likely we know the company and we know the car park and can immediately help you to fight back, but straight away please fill in    https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/topic/393251-received-a-court-claim-from-a-private-parking-speculative-invoice-how-to-deal-with-it-hereupdated-aug-2016/   It's your own daft fault if mail regarding a legal dispute is arriving at an address which isn't yours.    Please post up - redacted - the correspondence with the PPC including their WS (if that is what is was).
    • How about telling the pets' owners by message that you're not happy with their attitude about non-payment and not giving you their new address.   Accordingly, you'll have no option but to use their old address ( which you're entitled to do - debt chasing solicitors do this all the time ) to issue a court claim to recoup your losses, issued to their last known address.   So they either deal with what they owe (you could negotiate  a compromise maybe); or deal with the court claim if they have access to post at their old addess; or end up with a CCJ against them.
    • Hello All   I will outline the my case here but I emphasise that it has reached the hearing stage etc... and a date has been set   Unfortunately, I had asked the advice of a private company , which may be known to many, who deals with parking appeals, pay them £20 for them to disappear and thats why Ive reached this stage. They did write a template defense for me after so many emails but am unable to contact them so have to deal with this myself.     Case:   I had parked on a multicar park at a large shopping  ( i dont want to name it  as dont want to be identified)  almost 2 years ago.   The parking company (XXXXXk) , using ANRP sent me  the usual NTK asking for the fee of £90. I did not appeal at the time. I contacted the appealing company who apparently , just for £20 would be willing to assist me. They said if it does to court then they will need another fee which I agreed to.   Reason for alleged contravention- overstaying more than 4 hours ( they allege it was a few hours more) with an entry and exit time on the ANPR photos    The case went to one of the debt recovery firms. who added another 50 to the 'alleged fine' .etc.    The parking company did all the usual, and eventually I received a Claim form from the CCBC. This was acknowledged.   I replied with a 35 paragraph defense drafted by the ' appealing parking company' .   This was emailed to the court email address CCBCAQ@Justice.gov.uk   The parking company decided to proceed with small claims court ( 100 'fine', 50 damages, + court fees/interest/legal fees).      Their legal team has now emailed me the bundle they have sent to the hearing court in  my city.   Within the bundle, is included a copy of the notice of allocation to small claims track ( hearing). The date of this was before Christmas. The notice gives a date and time of the hearing   I never received this by post. I have only found out because the bundle that the claimant has sent me has a copy of it.   In the notice of allocation it states that by 18th January defendant must send to the court and claimant copies of all documents he intends to rely on.   By 1st Feb, claimant and defendant must send to  the court and each other their witness statement that they will rely on in the final hearing .       Before going into the actual substance of the defense, I have some questions about this forms   1. I havent received a copy of the notice of allocation by the post. My post is redirected to a relative and they assure me they havent received it. I only found out today about it,  as part of the bundle that the claimant emailed me. This leaves me with really no realistic chance of responding by the deadline of 18th Jan. Any advice. Again I reiterate that because of covid and mail redirection, that is very likely to be the cause of my relative yet not receiving this document by post.   Furthermore , in the  defense that had been submitted previously, it was made clear that according to the CPR PD6, I give no consent to being served by electronic means yet the legal team of the claimant has emailed me the documents.      2. I had already filed a defense  previously as drafted  by the appealing private company , so Im not sure whether i need to file another witness statement again, albeit this would be to the local court to which the hearing has been allocated to. Would the initial defense submitted at an earlier not be the same ? or do I now have a chance of writing a new one because the claimant has now filed their witness statement and all their evidence so I can be more specific in tis defense.   Before really divulging in the details can I please have some constructive comments/advice as to whether I need to submit a new defense , and whether the one summitted earlier to the Northampton courts would have now reached the local court where the hearing woill occur. Also, where do I stand with the deadline of next Monday which i wont meet given that I wasnt aware of this at all neither by electronic mail notification or redirected post.   Thankyou              
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    • Hi @BankFodder
      Sorry for only updating you now, but after your guidance with submitting the claim it was pretty straight forward and I didn't want to unnecessarily waste your time. Especially with this guide you wrote here, so many thanks for that
      So I issued the claim on day 15 and they requested more time to respond.
      They took until the last day to respond and denied the claim, unsurprisingly saying my contract was with Packlink and not with them.
      I opted for mediation, and it played out very similarly to other people's experiences.
      In the first call I outlined my case, and I referred to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 as the reason to why I do in fact have a contract with them. 
      In the second call the mediator came back with an offer of the full amount of the phone and postage £146.93, but not the court costs. I said I was not willing to accept this and the mediator came across as a bit irritated that I would not accept this and said I should be flexible. I insisted that the law was on my side and I was willing to take them to court. The mediator went back to Hermes with what I said.
      In the third call the mediator said that they would offer the full amount. However, he said that Hermes still thought that I should have taken the case against Packlink instead, and that they would try to recover the court costs themselves from Packlink.
      To be fair to them, if Packlink wasn't based in Spain I would've made the claim against them instead. But since they are overseas and the law lets me take action against Hermes directly, it's the best way of trying to recover the money.
      So this is a great win. Thank you so much for your help and all of the resources available on this site. It has helped me so much especially as someone who does not know anything about making money claims.
      Many thanks, stay safe and have a good Christmas!
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Autopoint York - Used car dealer has me distraught. Consumer Rights Act 2015

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Hello, thank you for reading my post.


I viewed and purchased a vehicle from Autopoint York 31/10/2019 .

I collected the vehicle 8 days later on 08/11/2019.

I have encountered a number of issues with the vehicle since.


The two main issues being:


1. The oil light came on after having driven the car for 4 days and roughly 80 miles, I returned home (it came on just after leaving home) and checked the oil level only to discover it was well below the minimum level shown on the dipstick. I doubt this has caused damage however it has wrecked my confidence.


2. The car was proudly and prominently advertised on Autotrader and Ebay as being a 'one owner vehicle' (I have both saved and screenshotted both webpages).


Upon looking through the paper service history and receipts supplied to me I discovered a bill of sale for the car dated 2 years after it was first registered.


The v5 arrived a few days later and shows 5 former keepers, I understand that the v5 document does not indicate/prove number of previous owners as it could have been pre-registered/transferred between a husband wife etc. The bill of sale however would seem to me to be definitive proof of the car being falsely advertised.

The car is 15 years old and the effect on value would be low, having had the same owner for the past 12 years.


To cut a long story short, I have zero faith in the car and should never have even considered buying from this dealership after reading some of their reviews online, even finding a news article where they were fined by local Trading Standards for selling unsafe vehicles, since changing their name but being run by the same owner. I let what I thought was a really good deal for a car I have lusted over for some time cloud my judgement. I won't even start on the ordeal that was the sales process as that was really something ridiculous.


I drove the car for roughly 50 miles home, then drove it for maybe another 40 at most during 3-4 short journeys before discovering the car was very low on oil.

I drove the car for 4 days and it has sat on the drive for over two weeks now.


I called the dealership the same day I discovered the oil issue and received a callback from a manager at a local garage, the ones who had 'serviced the car', he explained that the staff member who had performed an oil change had added 4.5 litres rather than the 6.5 required and was apologetic and offered to send me some oil via post. I advised that I had lost faith in the car and would need to speak to Autopoint York and that is where I stand today.


I have called roughly 10 times in the last two weeks, starting after the garage called me. I have been asking to speak to the owner of the garage or any member of aftersales but as it stands the only people I have spoken to have been two salespeople who advise that they are sorry and it has been passed on to the owner/aftersales.


I have sent a couple of emails but these have been ignored by the relevant people. I'm pretty sure the aftersales department does not exist and I am being ignored in the hope I will just go away and the 30 day period for initial rejection will pass, it is fast approaching and I don't really know how to proceed.


The car failed an MOT during the week between purchase and delivery, work was carried out to replace some suspension components in order for it to pass. I obviously have zero trust in the dealership and garage who sold and worked on the car, they even neglected to replace the engine under tray after working on the car, it was definitely there when I viewed it and I'm sure I would have noticed it had it come off while I was driving... 


Low oil and not bothering to replace parts fills me with dread, wondering if the work was done properly and if the car is even safe/not a complete dog of a thing, given that the dealership won't even discuss the matter and the mistakes made by garage are really basic things. I have since discovered the garage is owned by the same individual who owns the dealership. It should be noted that I think the dealership undervalued the car and actually tried to get me to 'think on it' during the sale, meanwhile raising the price by 15% or £500.00, this led to an argument where they did not want to sell the car, of course I should have run a mile at this point as they were so dishonest during this.


I suppose my main question is in relation to the advertisement; does the fact that I have proof of the car being incorrectly described in terms of previous owners, having documented both of the adverts clearly stating 'one owner' and possessing the sales documents that show that is untrue, give me the legal grounds to reject the car?


I apologise for my long-winded and incoherent writing. I'm not the brightest at the best of times and I can barely sleep I am so anxious regarding this problem.


Any advice is much appreciated. I can supply more/all information in regard to the the other issues or any more specifics. I'm all over the place, this was a massive purchase for me and a dream that has turned very sour.






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The Consumer Rights Act provides you with a short-term right to reject any item you purchase if within the first 30 days it demonstrates any defects. I think we are now taking this to mean that the defects must render the item – not of satisfactory quality.

Although the low oil problem would not, in my view, render the vehicle not of satisfactory quality – if it was due to a leak then it would be far more serious.

However, I would say that if the vehicle was described as having only one previous owner but it turns out that it had five previous owners, that would render the vehicle as being unsatisfactory. It would also mean that the vehicle failed to correspond with the description which was used to sell it to you.

The vehicle would be of unsatisfactory quality because the definition of "satisfactory quality" means that the vehicle would not meet up to the expectations of a reasonable consumer given the price, description – and any other circumstances relating to the sale.

In order to use the short-term right to reject, you have to assert your right in writing within the first 30 days. You say that you received the vehicle on 31 October so you are just within time.

Even if you want eventually to come to a different arrangement such as a reduction in price or repair et cetera, you should certainly assert the right so that your rights are reserved. This means that you must write to the dealer immediately. Do it by email and also confirm it by special delivery letter so that there is no doubt that they have received the message. If you are close by then you should also deliver a copy by hand.

It doesn't need any special form of words. Simply outline the ways in which you believe that the vehicle is exhibiting defects – including the fact that it doesn't correspond to its description and that you are now asserting your right to reject under the 2015 Act. Tell them that you want a refund of the purchase price, that they should make arrangements to collect the vehicle and also if you have suffered any additional losses then you should inform the dealer that you expect those to be reimbursed as well.

Do this immediately. Don't hang around. Once you have reserved your rights then we can look at the matter more carefully and more calmly. However don't expect the dealer to roll over and to be compliant. I'm afraid we are getting lots of instances of dealers simply ignoring their customers rights under the consumer rights act. However assert the right in writing and then come back here.

By the way, why haven't you told us the name of the garage?

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In addition to the name of the dealer, please will you tell us a bit more about the car – make, model, age, mileage, – price

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Thank you so much for your response,

I have been searching the site a little before posting and to be honest was hoping it would be you responding... :)


The car is a BMW 330CI Coupe M Sport 6SPD manual. 2004. 117K miles. Very good overall condition to my untrained eye.

I paid 3250 bank transfer. I


have been looking at this exact model for months and went to view it within 24 hours or it being posted. 

am slightly hesitant to name the dealer just yet as I do not want to reduce the already slim chance that they do the right thing and refund without me having to formally reject the car and contact trading standards/review them on every review site possible.

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Please name the dealer. If they sort it out correctly then we will make sure that that is published as well. However, we always find that naming the dealer is helpful to resolving the problem if the dealer becomes aware that they are being discussed on an open forum. It also helps others who might have similar problems.

Also, if you name the dealer then we can run various checks which will assist us in our support for you and may assist you later on if you have to resort to litigation.

Quite frankly it doesn't look very good that they are already ignoring you on this.

You have very little time to formally assert your right to reject the car. As I have already said, although you assert your rights, you don't commit yourself and they can always decide to resolve the problem by arriving at some solution which is satisfactory to you. If you wait around much longer then you won't be able to assert your right to reject and so you will lose a valuable lever against them.

I'm sorry to say that we get too many people on this forum who seem to exhibit trust of second-hand dealers and then keep on trusting and keep on trusting even though it is clear to other more experienced people that they are simply getting the runaround – and then by the time they eventually decide to take some action, it either becomes too late or they have delayed themselves into a position of disadvantage.

Please name the dealer and also send off the letter informing them that you are asserting your right to reject – immediately. If you want to take this advice then I don't really see much point in coming here and asking us

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21 minutes ago, BankFodder said:

In addition to the name of the dealer, please will you tell us a bit more about the car – make, model, age, mileage, – price

I received the vehicle on the 8th Nov, I made the transfer on 31/10/2019. I assume the 30 days begins upon collection rather than upon purchase? Either way I will wait until the end of the day before sending the rejection email and a recorded letter to them. I will 100% be sending that today if they do not communicate with me.

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It depends on why you collected it on 8 November. If you waited until that date simply because it was not convenient for you so they were effectively just looking after it, then I would say that your 30 days began on 1 November – the day after 31 October. If on the other hand the vehicle was not ready for you and they were preparing it in some way then you would be correct in saying that the 30 days runs from 8 November – or in fact probably, the 9th.

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The latter is correct. I waited one week for the car to be prepared, new plates(the front is hanging off, seems it was applied with tape or something,) MOT, 'service', clean(they didn't).


I certainly will take your advice, honestly I really appreciate that you have spent your time trying to help me. I will give it until the end of the day, try and make contact myself and if not the letter will be in this evening's post and I will name the dealership.


Many thanks

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A very quick update:


The dealership is Autopoint York.


I have tried once again to discuss this with the dealership only to be told that the relevant person, the owner Ross Alexander, was unavailable.


It has now been 17 days since I first called and asked to speak to someone regarding the issues with the car, only to be told the relevant person is unavailable every single time.


I have emailed multiple times to try and get a response.

I have asked to be called/emailed and have received absolutely nothing, just that is has been passed on to the owner.


On a number of occasions I have been told to expect a call or email but have got nothing.

The only people I have spoken to at the dealership have identified themselves as a salespeople and advised they were unable to help. 


I have sent an email and a recorded letter to Autopoint advising them that I am rejecting the car and demanding a full refund as per the Consumer Rights Act 2015, requesting a reponse within 7 days.

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  • BankFodder changed the title to Autopoint York - Used car dealer has me distraught. Consumer Rights Act 2015

Looking at their Google reviews, they seem to do quite well but if you look at the number of one star reviews, it makes me think that I would have second thoughts about buying a car from this dealer https://www.google.com/search?q=autopoint+york&oq=autopoint+york&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j0l2j69i60l3.3304j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x487931034e872a7f:0xeef26ee63d0e66e2,1,,,


Has this dealership anything to do with the Autopoint Group which seems to have disastrous reviews and may even have gone out of business or changed its name.

I suggest that you start researching this.

Anyway, assuming that they won't respond to your request under the 2015 Act, your next step I'm afraid will be to send them a letter of claim giving them 14 days after which you will make a county court claim in order to obtain your refund plus interest plus any costs you may have incurred and also any reasonable expenses such as insurance or necessary repairs.

Only make this threat if you're prepared to go ahead with it. Don't bluff – although frankly if you are prepared to make the court claim then I'm not too sure what else you will do that might be effective.

During the next week or two you should start reading up on this site about how to make a county court claim. It is very easy to do and we will help you all the way that it is worth knowing the steps in advance.

I have to say that I'm a little bit concerned because I've checked on companies house for the name "Autopoint" and there are at least 75 hits. We need to find out exactly which company you are dealing with but it doesn't make me feel comfortable. It is very easy for companies to set up and then to wind up and then re-emerge with a new name.

Please could you tell us the exact details that you have on your receipt.

Although it doesn't help you now, it's a shame that you paid by bank transfer. If you had paid by credit card then you would have been protected under the consumer credit act and you could have claimed against the credit card company in the event of any problems with the dealer.

What is the exact name of the company you bought the car from? This doesn't mean the name on their website or the name on their premises. It means the name on the documentation



Ross Alexander, the sole director of ALX 1 Ltd, was formally interviewed by trading standards officers.






Company number 08710962

Filter officers

Filter officersCurrent officers

1 officer / 0 resignations


Correspondence address  95 Holgate Road, York, England, YO24 4AZ
Role ACTIVE  Director
Date of birth December 1990
Appointed on 30 September 2013
Nationality British
Country of residence United Kingdom
Occupation Self Employed





OWNERS of a York garage have been fined £2,000 and must pay £1,450 compensation to customers.

ALX 1 Ltd, trading as Alexander Snee Ltd in Holgate Road, beside the Iron Bridge, was prosecuted after an investigation by City of York Council's trading standards team.

At court in Leeds on Thursday, the business pleaded guilty for not providing an adequate aftersales service regarding an Audi A3 it sold in March 2015. It was fined £750 and ordered to pay £750 compensation.


It also admitted breach of a safety suspension notice regarding a Vauxhall Corsa, for which it was fined £1,250. The business was also ordered to pay £700 compensation to the buyer of a Saab.

The company told The Press the Corsa offence was administrative rather than mechanical, and related to not notifying the council once the required work had been done.

City of York Council said it had received an increasing number of complaints about the business after April 2014, alleging sales of faulty or misdescribed cars and poor service after sales.




So it looks as if they have form for this. I would suggest that you contact trading standards of City of York Council. You won't be able to get hold of them directly but you can try – but anyway contact the citizens advice service there. Give citizens advice a copy of the article that I have linked you to the above and also tell them your story. However, I suggest that you stick with us in taking action against this company. Citizens advice are well-intentioned but that may be the best you can say about them in this kind of situation.

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Ok. That's good news. Follow the suggestions that I have made in the earlier posts and let us know what happens if you hear anything from them in the next 7-days. If not then  draft a letter of claim and post it up here before you send it.


Also make sure that you start assembling all of the evidence you have including advertisements, proofs of previous owners and any copies of exchanges between yourself and the garage.

also read our customer services guide and implement the advice there. Generally speaking avoid making telephone calls but if you do do then make sure that you are following our customer services guide completely


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It seems that I have no choice but to go through the county court system as Autopoint are thus far totally refusing to engage with me.




I'm still struggling to comprehend... Did you mean to say 'are not' instead of 'are'.


Maybe its just my reading comprehension, it's not the best. I will certainly keep you updated.

If I had any confidence in the car and the way they prepared it or just a lack of morals, I could very realistically make a decent profit selling it privately myself. The fact they have not even discussed my returning of the vehicle despite me driving it 3-4 times and under 100 miles makes me even more suspect in regard to its condition.


Thank you very much for the work you have done to help me.

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Yes, you're right. Sorry


I've been looking at this again and in particular at the newspaper article which I've linked above. It's starting to look rather more sinister in my view and I think that you should hold off for the moment from contacting citizens advice. I'll explain why.

It seems that in 2016, Ross Alexander was convicted under trading standards laws in relation to a different business which the newspaper article says was Alexander Snee Ltd, suggesting that it was a limited liability company. In fact I think that this is not correct and although the business was certainly called Alexander Snee, I can't find any trace that used to be a limited liability company. It was simply a trading name of ALX1 Ltd which by an amazing coincidence seems to be the same company which is running Autopoint York because if you look at their website, you will see that in fact Autopoint York is simply a trading name of ALX1 Ltd.

For your information, the website of the business Alexander Snee was at www.asvusedcarsyork.co.uk but in fact you will find that this website no longer exists. However, if you look at the Internet archive, you will see a skeletal shot of the Alexander Snee website in 2013 https://web.archive.org/web/20130812035553/http://www.asvusedcarsyork.co.uk/


Notice that they do not claim to be a limited liability company. I suppose there is a possibility that they were a limited liability company but I can't find any trace but our site team members @honeybee13 and @stu007 are pretty dab hands that digging things up and so they may come back here with some information.

You will see in the 2016 newspaper article that it says that the business has now changed hands. In fact this appears to be incorrect. The business appears merely to have changed name but it is still controlled by Ross Alexander and in this case is merely the trading name of AXL1 Ltd.  You can see that the address at 95 Holgate Rd is the same for both businesses.
So someone has been misled. I'm afraid this is rather the quality that you would expect from citizens advice or (unfortunately) trading standards – partly because they under resourced – but also because there's not enough direct public pressure.

If you contact citizens advice, the chances are that they will take very little notice and do almost nothing. However there is a slim chance that they will put two and two together and they will contact Auto Point and Ross Alexander. Your own individual case is not enough to cause particular ripples, but the fact that Ross Alexander has already been convicted once and you now have a very good example of a further incident of a vehicle being sold on the basis of a misdescription that it may move them to begin some action.

I'm not aware that Ross Alexander has any history of phoenixing his companies but you never know and you could suddenly find yourself trying to sue a company which no longer exists and that would cause problems.

So for the moment, I would recommend that you keep this between us and that we see where we go.

You say that you have now written to them and asserted your rights. Please can you post up the letter here in PDF format.


Incidentally, I would advise you to follow Ross Alexander's company so that you get immediate notification of any attempt to dissolve it and then you can lodge objections if you are considering or are in the middle of legal action. There is a button on the companies house website which allows you to do this:



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I think the fact that there is a new company is rather worrying because it might suggest that Ross Alexander is preparing to jump ship – meaning to change companies, but not the business or the trading address.

If he were to do this, then it could make it difficult to sue him because at the moment he is protected by the limited liability of his existing company ALX1 Ltd. This is why you need to keep an eye on the company using the companies house website. However, there are also good reasons why you could ask the court to allow you to "pierce the corporate veil" and to sue him as an individual as well.

One thing I should say is that if he offers to take the car back, then you should make sure that you receive payment for it at the time in the form of a bank transfer – not by a cheque. The ultimate risk is that you could part with the car on the promise of receiving payment and then find that the company is dissolved and no payment is forthcoming and you have lost your car.

This may sound like scaremongering but I'm afraid that this kind of thing does happen and we would not be doing our job if we didn't warn you about all possibilities.

The pre-action protocol normally requires that you give 14 days notice of legal action but this protocol can be disregarded in certain situations. We will have to think about this.

I think you need to let us know if you are prepared to bring a legal action on this. As I have already pointed out, it would be a county court claim and because it is for less than £10,000 it would be allocated to the small claims track which means that you would have very little risk losing any costs in the event that you lost the case – which would be almost impossible. However, in the event that you were not able to enforce the judgement, then you would lose your claim fee, any hearing fee and also an enforcement fee of £66, in this case.

In the event that you won the case and were able to enforce it, then you would get all of this back of course.

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Here's the Companies House link with both companies on it. Apyork's registered address is a firm of accountants.




This entry in Duedil shows company finances that might not be good news. There's not financial information for Apyork because it hasn't filed and accounts yet. I haven't posted a link to Duedil because you have to sign in, but you can have an account with them for free. This page from Companies House has a pdf of the latest accounts for Alx1.





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Illegitimi non carborundum




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The following applications have been received by the City of York Council
17/02010/FUL for change of use of building to vehicle repair workshop (use class B2)
(retrospective) at Alx1 Ltd, 1 Avenue Road, York







Company number 11496836

Registered office address
Greenside Garage The Green, Acomb, York, United Kingdom, YO26 5LL
Company status Active
Company type Private limited Company
Incorporated on 2 August 2018








Facebook :::: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/category/Automotive-Repair-Shop/Greenside-Garage-2061472713891080/&ved=2ahUKEwiM0brc35LmAhUDx4UKHUccBTMQFjAJegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw0zuQ1o1Hp3_9S7Az8X5ECF&cshid=1575145047420




Company number 10729387

Registered office address Alx Cleanse T/A Ripon Hand Car Wash, Dallamires Lane, Ripon, United Kingdom, HG4 1TT
Company status Active
Company type Private limited Company
Incorporated on 19 April 2017


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Some info on this company for you and importantly Autopoint York is a Trading name of the actual company called ALX1 Limited. So the Company you are actually dealing with is ALX1 Limited


Autopoint York
95 Holgate Road
YO24 4AZ


Company Number: 8710968


FCA Number: 707060
FCA Register link: https://register.fca.org.uk/ShPo_FirmDetailsPage?id=001b000000qrC0tAAE

(Autopoint York is a Trading Name of ALX1 Limited)



ALX1 Limited
95 Holgate Road
YO24 4AZ


Incorporated: 30th September 2013


Company Number: 08710962


Director: Ross Alexander


Companies House link: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08710962


Endole link: https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/08710962-alx1-limited


BizDB link: https://www.bizdb.co.uk/company/alx1-limited-08710962/
(Note: on the above link go down to 'Company filings' and click to expand it then look at the second last filing there is the link between them and Alexander Snee Vehicles)


FCA Number: 707060
FCA Register link: https://register.fca.org.uk/ShPo_FirmDetailsPage?id=001b000000qrC0tAAE

(Autopoint York is a Trading Name of ALX1 Limited)


London Gazette link: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/company/08710962



Ross Alexander is also Director of another company selling used cars.


Apyork Ltd
Buckle Barton Ltd 
22 Sanderson House 
Station Road 
West Yorkshire
LS18 5NT


Company Number: 12127611


Incorporated: 29th July 2019


Director: Ross Alexander


Companies House link: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/12127611


Endole link: https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/12127611-apyork-ltd


BizDB link: https://www.bizdb.co.uk/company/apyork-ltd-12127611



As for Alexander Snee Vehicles formal enforcment by trading standards between March 2016 to March 2017 look at the following link (Warning please be aware it is an automatic PDF Download.) (Note the actual company name):
http://democracy.york.gov.uk/documents/s117169/Annex A - Summaries of Enforcement Action.pdf

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I received this email earlier today, it's the first and only response I have received in the 19 days spent trying to speak to someone in an after-sales capacity at Autopoint.




This has been forwarded onto our legal team who will be in touch shortly.


Kind Regards,



I have followed the company via the companieshouse website and am already familiarising myself with the county court claims procedure. I will absolutely be taking this through the county court system in the event it cannot be dealt with in a more civil matter. 


Thanks to everyone who has responded for all of the research and advice. I have saved everything. I have organised and backed up the screenshots and saved webpages of the advertisements that incorrectly advertised the car, the sales documentation that definitively show the car was previously sold as a used car and am archiving all communication records including telephone logs that show just how many times I have called in the hope of speaking to someone in aftersales.


I will post and let you know as things progress. Apologies for not posting as expected last night. 




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This may not be relevant but I'm interested. I've read some online reviews about this salesroom and they seem to be mixed in terms of their ratings. A lot of them mention someone called Brad, I don't think I've read one that talks about Ross. Is he in the background?



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@honeybee13 Yes, it would appear they are one and the same.


Brad was the salesperson I dealt with on the day of the purchase and I believe he is the primary salesperson there. He is one of two people from Autopoint I have spoken to since, the other being another salesperson. It was an extremely strange experience dealing with this company at the point of sale.

Upon returning from a test drive of the vehicle, Brad came straight out and asked me what I thought of the car. I had barely given him a response before he said, 'I don't want you to make a decision today'. Myself and the family member accompanying me were both a little taken aback by this as it is the last thing you expect to hear from any salesperson. I went to sit in the car we had travelled to Autopoint in order to discuss with my family member regarding the purchase and also try and get the AA or RAC to come and inspect the vehicle for any defects. I was unable to get someone to perform an inspection on such short notice but decided to continue with the purchase regardless. I walked back into the Autopoint premises to be greeted by Brad who immediately stated that he had gotten word from his boss that the car was now no longer for sale. 


While sitting in our own vehicle and discussing/thinking about the purchase, I had performed one final Autotrader search for the same model car I was about to purchase; I had been searching for some months for a car in similar spec to the one I was about to purchase and had performed Autotrader searches on a literally daily basis during that time, it would not hurt to do one more search in case there was another one that I just had to go and see. Upon performing this search I found that the car I was about to purchase had risen in price from £3250 to £3750. I have screenshots of the advert with both prices displayed, taking the £3750 screenshot upon realising that something underhanded might have been going on.


Brad tried to tell us that the car now needed an inspection before it was fit for sale. I questioned why the car was listed for sale on two websites and why I had travelled a considerable distance to view and test drive a car that Autopoint did not intend to sell. I had asked Brad earlier if anyone else was interested in car. He advised me that yes there were four people interested, obviously I have no idea if this was the truth. In any event it seems that someone within Autopoint recognised that the car was selling for a relatively low price compared to other similiar models that were for sale/have been sold online. The family member I was with became a little exasperated and mentioned complaining about this to regulatory bodies. We had both recognised that Autopoint was trying to hold on to the car in order to sell it at a higher price. Brad made a couple of phone calls to someone he repeatedly referred to as his boss and came back to us with the same nonsensical excuse. 


After some discussion and back and forth with Brad, Ross appeared and sat in the adjacent office. Brad advised us that he wanted to speak to 'his colleague' and left to go and discuss the matter with Ross. Ross then entered the room we had been waiting in and identified himself as 'senior to Brad, I'm the buyer of the vehicles'. At no point did he identify himself as Brad's boss, a manager, a director or indeed the owner. Ross tried to sweet talk around the fact that he and his salesperson had just tried to stop the sale in order to make a larger profit, claiming it was just a misunderstanding.  I made a big mistake in giving my business to people who had just been so deceptive, however the cars claimed history (now shown to be false) and general condition made me want it anyway, lesson learnt... 


Ross finally returned after conferring with Brad a couple of times and asked if I would be willing to make a full payment on the day, again I should have found this suspicious as the usual process as far as I know is to put a deposit down and the rest to paid on receipt of the car. He seemed suprised when I replied that I would be able to do so. My family member later asked why full payment was being asked for and Ross replied with something along the lines of, 'It's so we have no excuse to not sell the car', giving the appearance that he had to justify selling the car at the lower price to some higher authority/someone higher up than he was. Idiotically and against my instincts I made the full bank transfer there and then, my older family member pushing me to do so. The thought of a good deal and my dream car clouded my judgement in dealing with these people. It should not have surprised me that the car was mis-sold and so poorly prepared. I suppose when it comes to greed nothing should suprise.


I have been advised by Brad that Ross does come to the dealership but is not based there as he moves around his different business locations 


Sorry for the long post.

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