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Extremely Difficult Seller - *** Resolved***

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I have recently made a purchase from a web based market place. The product was sold by a UK based company and was initially advertised along with an unique individual number (the original products by the original manufacturer were limited to < 5000 but they sold out within hours of going on sale.)


Payment for the order was taken at the time the order was placed.


Payment was via Amex through Paypal.


Following the receipt notification, I was sent an email that the order had been dispatched (from the UK store), however a further enquiry a week later was sent, This enquiry was to request an expected date for delivery.


I’ve been given a tracking number but following the link, the information on there is all in Chinese (or similar)


I still don’t have an expected delivery date, the seller is becoming abusive and is telling the market place that I am “blackmailing him” and that he has researched that market place and other market places and in doing so has discovered that I am a ‘[EDIT]’ (I am not a [EDIT]. He can’t and won’t be able to substantiate his claims). He writes that I am [causing problems] the trader, the market place and Paypal


If I could, I would cancel the whole transaction as it started off bad and is now getting worse.


Can anyone please advise?
  • At what point do i take it that the item is lost or not going to show up?

  • What can i do about the accusations being made by the retailer to the market place?

After carrying out more research, i also believe the product will turn out to be fake when/if it arrives. There are signs on the website that i should of spotted before that indicate this. But i will adress this aspect when the product arrives.


Thanks for any help/info/guidance

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What is the name of the Web Based Market place ?...that would be a help for starters.



We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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do a whois for the web site owners and look up the people involved in the company with Companies House search tools.

As for market place, name and shame, they are responsible for their platforms even if they deny it.


cancel and get your refund via patpal, you may be better off phoning them and explaining

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The market place hasnt done anything wrong just yet as far as I can see but still some hurdles to jump before this is sorted out.


Still not recieved the item.

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then why come here and ask for help?

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Sorry about being covert on this one but i didn't know if the seller would be able to follow this or cause me more problems.


Here's what happened:

I bought a shirt off Etsy and after buying, the seller took funds after 7 days.

He followed this with an email suggesting the shirt had been dispatched from within the UK.

1 week later it still hadn't arrived so i followed this up with the seller.


He became abusive and started to make libellous statements (i was a known [EDIT] on ebay and with Paypal)

- he was sounding and getting quite desperate and i was concerned that he had my address.


i ended up with a full refund after arguing with him that i wouldn't pay for postage back to China!! where the shirt had actually be dispatched from.


I have to say the Etsy were very supportive and instructed the seller to cancel the deal.

He did this on the day the shirt actually arrived.

It was a copy shirt and not the best quality.


I do like CAG and those who help people in situations like the one i found myself in so apologies on the lack of detail in my earlier posts.


All the best for 2020 to everyone on here.

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Thank you for the update, I'm pleased you got this resolved. Reading a thread that has the end result will help future caggers too, I'll change  your thread title. :D



Illegitimi non carborundum




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