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SCS knowingly sold me a Sofa that was too big and wont allow return.

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Went to SCS store to look at a sofa which might have fit our corner position. The sofa was curved but online dimensions were square.


Salesman helped us with measuring (his tape) and we accepted that it was too big for the space. Salesman suggested  a different sofa, more modular.


Looked at the sofa and we liked it. Configuration in store was way too big, so I asked him for the measurements of the configuration we thought would work. He proceeded to help me measure the sofa 'parts' and do the maths. I compared our calculations to the space we have. 

The salesman knew what space we had and the sofa dimensions we just measured and added up manually.


Short story - we purchased on credit.

Wife was provided with a ipad device where the Salesman briefed us on the T&Cs ('standard stuff' apparently) and then a signing space. We spent more time reviewing T&Cs on the credit agreement than the sofa.


Sofa is delivered and doesnt fit (by about 30cm!).

I check online and the dimensions are there for everyone to see - WAY too big.


We call the help line and are told that as we purchased in store we have no Returns option. Had we purchased online we'd have 14 days.

Spoke to the Store: Firstly a Saleslady said - check the dimensions online!, Manager said nothing I can do - tough!


So in short:

  • Salesman knew the space we had and our concerns
  • Salesman *should* have been an expert in his product - matching it to our requirement
  • Salesman *withheld* the information that the dimensions were published online - had he said that I would have checked on my mobile (didn't cross my mind at the time) and seen immediately it was too big.
  • Salesman didn't make it clear that there were different Returns policies and that our signing was FINAL (as in no return policy at all).


I feel I was missold - like being sold a truck that the Salesman knows wont fit your garage (that you told him about).

Cant understand how under consumer law I get 14 days return if I make the mistake myself, but if I ask their expertise I get nothing !!!!!


Any suggestions?

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I think you are in a very difficult situation and I'm afraid I don't reckon your chances.

You went to the store which means that it was an on-premises contract and I'm afraid that there is no cooling off period with these.

You selected a sofa – and you accepted that it was too large. Although the salesman assisted in the measurements, you appear to have been fully involved. I'm not sure there is much else to say.

Of course it would be nice if the company exercise goodwill and simply offered you a credit note so that you could buy another sofa from the same store. Have you put this solution to them? If they agreed to this, in view of the facts that you have given us I'm afraid you would be responsible for the cost of returning your sofa to them but on the other hand if you order something quickly then they could pick up your oversize sofa in the empty van. However they would be entitled to make some charge for the pickup. They would also expect the oversize sofa to be in pristine condition

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Thanks for the reply. Its as I suspected.


I believe as a regular (previously) customer there would have been some discussion on a 'goodwill' arrangement. I suggested a part value buy back and I'd pay the transportation, but the manager was not interested in the slightest.


Daft thing is I was about to purchase carpets from them for my Father in Law's house, but will be going else where.


Going to try their social media presence to see if they can see some sense.


My advice for anyone buying from ANY sofa/carpet/furniture/bed type place is buy ONLINE. Browse the store, use as much of the salesman's time as you want, but do the purchase Online. The new 'distance buying' legislation appears to protect online purchases more than in-store. Effectively a 2-tier set of consumer rights!


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