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CSL chasing a Euroffice business supllies debt i've never heard of

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Hi all


I received a letter this morning from Credit Security Limited chasing a debt for £109.58 from a company called Euroffice Limited.

 I’ve never heard of Euroffice Limited, never bought from them, never received correspondence from them.


I checked my detailed credit report and my score is 999 out of 999.  

All the accounts listed were correct and known to me, Euroffice Limited was not included.  

There were no defaults.


Credit Security Limited demanded immediate repayment and threatened a ‘doorstep collector’ as well as legal action if I didn’t comply.


Is this a [problem]?  

It’s not a valid debt - I don’t owe any money.  


Should I ignore or write to them?  

They claim to be FCA regulated should I contact FCA?


Any advice is gratefully received.


Thanks in advance



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Normally the advice would be to totally ignore correspondence from debt collectors.  It's not their debt and they can do absolutely nothing to you.  The "doorstep collector" is just an idle threat, nothing will happen.  Plus if someone did ring your doorbell you'd simply tell them to go away.


However, it might be worth writing to Euroffice and demand to know what's going on.  They have apparently instructed this third party to harass you despite you never having had any contact with the company.


It could be that someone with the same name has a debt with Euroffice and the lazy DCA have assumed it's you.  It could however be identity theft.

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have you ever owned a business and ordered supplies online?

they trade under numerous names looking at companies house and their address


CSL have zero powers to do anything

a dca is NOT A BAILLIFF 


as it states quite clearly 'our client'



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