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Default on credit file to 'final bill' which was incorrect

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EDIT: Sorry wrong forum, tried to delete.


Hi Everybody,


Long time lurker and appreciative of advice on here, but have something of a pickle of my own which hopefully you can help with...


I left a flat in November 2017 and paid what I thought to be a final bill payment (with notorious SP), and also discussed my end of tenancy date with the CS rep.


6 months later go by and I get a call from somebody saying I'm overdue a bill payment for the utilities in the flat, and that they are wanting money from me.


I politely told them they are mistaken and I was all finished up with them, and that they couldn't move with me to my new address.


Cue another two months of nothing, and they re-appear on my phone, asking for money.

I politely told them that it was nothing to do with me, and to speak to the new tenants / property company who managed the previous flat (and gave their address).


6 months later, I decide to check my credit history in-depth and see that there is a default listed on my account for around £100,


I called them up to complain that there was an unwarranted and invalid default on my account, and they highlighted that they never took the final payment and was outstanding an amount which I was not aware of.


When discussing with them on my departure dates, they actually had it listed incorrectly, and I then gave them the correct dates, and said they would review and revise the bill statement but needed payment of ~£100 then and there, but would be rectified and re-imbursed when reviewed. They also said they would take care of the default on file if it was incorrect.


2 months later I get a cheque in the post for overpaying them and nothing further is required. I call them up to confirm relating to the default and they advised it would be done in due process.


I am now 2 months later (apologies if these months don't add up) and I have checked my credit file with a 'Satisfied' label on the default.


I called them up to get it removed, and they are saying they no longer want to remove the default, and that the default was valid.


What is the best course of action for me at this point.. Is there any hope for me here to get this removed?


Thanks in advance!


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Please will you send the utilities company a subject access request. Do it tomorrow. Don't hang around. You will need this information to make any headway.


Secondary, you have posted quite an extensive story in a solid block of text and this is very difficult for people to follow. It discourages people who might otherwise be prepared to give you very useful support and advice.

please would you avoid posting your stories or your responses in solid blocks of text. They need to be properly punctuated and spaced and generally speaking presented in a way that you would yourself like to have them presented to you if you were going to to help out on the thread.



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Send them an sar

then threaten them with the ico if they dont remove it.


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