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CEL ANPR PCN now Letter of claim - dble dippin -

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Driver entered car park run by CEL Ltd . Tried to purchase lozenges  at Pharmacy , saw it was busy so left . Time there approximately 5 minutes . Left to go to pick up some goods a couple of miles away .


I have a copy of a collection of goods note with an approximate time on it Stayed a while to chat with client On return journey stopped  to try again . Bought lozenges and left . There were no restrictions on returning 


ANPR cameras registered first entry and last exit 


Was sent photos showing vehicle with 2 blown up with the times on them  Company refuses to divulge landlord or show contract ....said it was data protection ! Photo of a sign blown up .....could be anywhere !


Been to site itself . No signs at entrance . When entering from main road nothing !


Where there is parking a few signs visible depending on parking space . Large sign on an external wall which can only be seen when walking out or entering from side road on the left .


After a number of letters  I received demands from ZZPS ....a “debt collector “. They gave up on that !


This incident took pace in February .

Now a Letter Before Court requesting details of my salary and how I intend to pay the debt 


The length of stay is 40 minutes . Tiny car park !  

Do know why there are even limits . Length of stay maybe 15 minutes in total . It is madness


The pack of lozenges cost £185 !


Am 72 years old with multiple health problems ! Cannot let these cowboys win . Feel as though I am being intimidated . Very stressful !

Any  advice please ? I have drafted  together bits from all over the place ! Need it to stop ASAP !

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please complete this:


and scan up bothsides of your NTK

read upload carefully PDF only please!!


safe to ignore powerless DCA's

they are not bailiffs



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so letter from  CEL or from another company representing them?


If from CEL then use the following:

Dear Ashley,

Your claim is a case of " double dipping", you know what this means as you have been outed for it before by Alex Shipp in the Parking Pranksters blogspot so no breach of parking conditions to create a cause for action against me. Whilst we are  talking about parking conditions, there are no signs at the entrance that site so you cant claim that a contract was read and accepted as none was there to be offered in the first place. As usual your NTK isnt POFA compliant so no keeper liability and anyway, we both know that you will drop the claim like a hot potato once a defence is filed as you dont like the inside of courtrooms so it would be wise to admit that you have been found out and quit whilst you are behind because I may well sue you for breach of the GDPR as per VCS v Phillip once you have lost your claim.

I look forward to your deafening silnce for the next 6 years.



No chance of getting anywhere by being nice so this will let them know they have been rumbled. If you need to know what the references mean you will need to do a bit of background research but until then please just copy this and send it rather than edit it


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