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Solarplicity Big mess - New company wants money

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I was with Solarplicity and everything was fine for a few months,


I started getting monthly bills saying I was using £1.30 per month which we all know is rubbish.


I was paying around £45 direct debit to them a month and this was the most I had ever paid any company as very economical with usage.


Solarplicity said I wasnt paying enough and put the dd up to £75 a month - I know I NEVER EVER use that amount.

I said something was wrong but they kept you on the phone line for 45 mins before speaking to you so you would hang up


they want £99 a month saying I still was paying enough and I strictly told them DO NOT increase my direct debit I am moving company.

Even without my permission they took the £99. 


It took 4 months to get any bills from them and when I got a final bill they claimed I owned around £300.


Now they have gone bust and sold the debt to a new company who are chasing me for the £300.


I contacted the energy ombudsman but they said they cant do anything as Solarplicity are bust.


I have all my complaint emails and stupid bills of £1 to £3 a month as they never processed the meter readings I gave them.


Can anyone advise what my rights are now as its going to be really difficult to deal with the new company who are only after money.


FYI: My new utility company want £45 a month which I find totally acceptable - definitely not £99.



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send the new company an sar specifically asking for all the data they received from Solarplicity



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And shop around for another supplier and transfer as soon as possible. 


If you know the previous companies tariffs you should be able to calculate the actual amount owed, if you have the meter readings to work out usage.


We could do with some help from you.



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If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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