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DEA - Tax Credits

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Hi All


I am in a bit of a mess.


My tax credits stopped 4 weeks ago,

I phoned them and they were not able to help me and I had to phone another number.

But since it is only 9 to 5 I've never had a chance with me working full time.


I have since received a letter stating thanks for the recent changes I informed them with and I now owe an Overpayment of £6337 and they will be in touch for me paying it back.

I dont even know what this is for!!


My partner and I split up about 4 years ago, but still have a joint bank account as he pays all my bills as I am not on the greatest wage to keep my house warm and feed the kids.


I have a feeling they will ask for bank statements.

My Ex comes and goes to see his daughters and lives in with his friends, he doesn't have a permanent address.

We get on well with each other, just dont live with each other.

He moved out as he couldnt get on with my oldest daughter (Not his).


How much will I be expected to pay back and how long?



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I have been paying 50 per month for the 6 years or so. It is very inportant that you get what you owe them in writing. It is very difficult as I am currently paying and dont what it is for also.


All the best.

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I have recieved a letter from Equita Debt Collecting Agency for my Tax Credits Overpayment.

This is debt for over payment of £14390.


My tax credits was stopped as I was unable to prove my ex partner did not live with me, he still does not live with me.

But does contribute towards my bills, as I now only have my wage coming in weekly.


Has anyone ever dealt with Equita before?

I know I am unable to afford to pay the full amount back.

But I cant afford to pay hundreds a month back either.

How long will I have to pay this back?

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I think its the fact that your ex still pays towards your bills is the problem.

I contacted my MP about if a B/F could stay overnight and was it considered as living together.


He wrote back and said "Generally speaking, if a boyfriend or girlfriend who sometimes stays overnight can prove that they have another address where they receive post, pay rent and bills and keep their belongings, they will not be considered as living with you.


Other matters that might be taken into account is whether your partner shops with you, eats meals at your home or keeps clothes and other personal possessions there.


It is worth noting, too, [[that if he is making any financial contribution to your household, this could affect the benefits that you receive]]


Your ex makes a financial contribution to your household, your benefit has indeed been effected......

But, as I understand from a friend of mine that's in the same situation of having to repay tax credits,

she made an arrangement with the tax credit department.


I've had no dealings with Equita, but there is something about, if you can prove you have mental health problems, it might be written off. I'm looking into it and get back to you.


Im not saying you have a mental health problem, but with the stress of owing this amount, I wouldnt be suprised if you became depressed over it, I know I would xx

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I have a DEA coming out of my wages.

Started October pay. 


This is for an overpayment of tax credits approx 8 years.

Don't know exact figure would need to find the court papers.

I owe approx 1£4k


I was single at the time of claiming but unable to prove this now. 

I thought this would go away.

I stupidly buried my head into the sand. 


I am on a good salary and they are taking a large proportion of my wage.

Which I am finding a struggle with.

I was short of my wages 500 last month as I'm also paying council tax. 


My husband is currently out of work and I am in arrears with my mortgage and loan. 


My question is

am I able to request the dea to be reduced as in percentage taken out of my pay 

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