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Barclays remortgage

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I recently remortgaged with Barclays to reduce my monthly out goings and to clear an arears amount which was due to ill health.


Four years ago I was made redundant from work and then had a heart condition which meant I couldn’t work for a couple of years.

went on to interest only, and in all this time I never missed a payment.


two years ago started a new business and started to get the arrears down paying a substantial amount on top of my repayment figure.

After about a year I rang the arrears dept to try and get the figures lowered and they advised me to go to my local branch and meet an advisor, which I did.


I was surprised to learn that I could extend my term and fix my mortgage for five years.

By doing all of this it wipe out my arrears saved me 1500 per month.


The remortgage then went to the underwriters who after some questions approved the remortgage.

The papers came through and every thing seemed fine.

During this period I had open heart surgery and was extremely ill for months. 


after a couple of months went on to my credit file and found that the marker was still on.

I rang Barclays to see why they hadn’t taken the marker off.


They told me that my remortgage was nothing to do with the arrears which it clearly was.

After many phone calls and much distress from complaint handlers who were clueless and many emails I decided to send all my paperwork to the banking ombudsman.


I told her the story and eventually she got and realised I had not only been badly treated but I was totally right on everything that I complained about.

Barclays admitted they were wrong but offered no resolution that would be in my favour other than offering a measly 2k in compensation.


The first part of the ombudsman approach they have come down in my favour on everything but Barclays are still refusing to accept they must honour the agreement which they had agreed to.


My  question to you guys Is should I go down the legal route or wait for the actual ombudsman to make his final decision.

This is very complicated

but I know I am 100% right and feel like the bank are trying to bully me into getting a new mortgage again.


Your thoughts would be appreciated. 

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so the outstanding issue is one of the credit file?




please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Yes but they say I still have debt but my mortgage now covers the old arrears. But they refuse to accept it. Even though I am paying the mortgage 

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Ombudsman administrator has come down on my side on everything but Barclays still not having it. So now it’s to the ombudsman himself. 

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