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Barclays re-mortgage, enforcing an FOS ruling in my favour


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The fact that your clients have only just woken up and instructed you is no concern of mine. It is simply a further demonstration of their poor attitude to the interests of their customers and also their disregard for decisions made by the financial ombudsman service


You refer to a "short delay" but I notice that you are unwilling to give any kind of commitment. Your letter is littered with "as soon as possible" and "in due course". But the ombudsman's instructions are clear. So are the courts powers under the FMSA 2000.

There is nothing to consider no negotiation to be had and no compromises to be made - so why the delay? 


To add to the problem, your clients are acting in direct defiance to the ombudsman's direction by adding alleged arrears to the mortgage total and increasing the monthly payment. 


If it was simply a question of money that hadn't been paid, I would agree. There would be no question of prejudice. However, we are talking here about damage to my credit file which has gone on now for well over a year and a half.


Your clients may not care about their own reputation but I certainly care about mine.


The damage to my credit reputation is totally without justification.


It is unfair treatment not to mention inaccurate data processing. It is continuing and your clients are wilfully exacerbating the problem. It's not clear to me whether they are doing this deliberately or simply because of their ineptitude. Do you know? 


Because you have made me feel sorry for you I'll give you an extra week.


I'm quite happy that you share these documents with the court. Especially your admission that your clients have only just now instructed you despite the fact that this matter has been ongoing for a considerable time.

Frankly I would have thought that it would be in your client's interest not to reveal how slack their attitude and procedures are – but that's a matter for you. And incidentally, there will be no question of costs if you simply don't try to put any response or defence.

The ombudsman's decision is binding and there's actually no reason for you to get involved except to hold a dialogue with your client and tell them to get a move on.
If your clients instruct you to get involved, then it will be completely unnecessary.

This is not a contentious matter. There will be no need for an injunction if your client simply did what they were told by the ombudsman – which they will eventually have to do anyway.


I'm preparing the form N322 to apply for an ex parte injunction as we speak.


Legal proceedings for statutory breaches of FCA regulations and also the Data Protection Act will follow once your clients have complied with the FOS direction – whether they do it voluntarily or they are forced to by the court. 


So don't come back and say you didn't know about that either. 





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Separately from the enforcement of the ombudsman's decision, I think we need to start looking at your losses generally in respect of this so that we can have an idea of the value of a future court action.

This shouldn't distract you from the current procedure to enforce the ombudsman's direction, but we may as well start thinking about it.

Once again, I'm not totally familiar with what has happened here. Have you post up the ombudsman's decision somewhere? Could you post it again or link us to the post in which you uploaded it.

I understand that the ombudsman wanted them to pay you £2000. They eventually did. But what was the date that the payment was ordered and what was the date that it was paid? You should be entitled to 8% interest on the £2000 for as long as it wasn't paid.

That's just for starters

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The biggest problem I’ve had is my business has not been able to get any loans because they do a credit check on the directora and because of my credit file I haven’t been able to get one

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In addition to the interest payments I've referred to above, we will need to make a complete list of all the damage that you consider that you have suffered since the bank's failure to implement the ombudsman's direction.

The £2000 was recommended to address injury that you had suffered at a particular point of time. We now have to understand the continuing injury which you have suffered since their failure to obey the ombudsman's direction.

You need to list all damage you have suffered. Obviously the potential damage to your business is serious and you need to analyse that and understand what it has cost you in extra credit or lost business opportunities because of your inability to get loans.

We need to understand your actual losses – or else we need to attribute a money value the inconveniences or disadvantages to which you have been put – either you personally or your business. Since the date that the direction should have been obeyed.


I think it would be worth opening up a new thread to deal with these ancillary losses. I think we should restrict this thread to dealing with the implementation of the ombudsman's direction

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I had forgotten about this




see if you can learn anything from it. Unfortunately the claimant is being very unhelpfully unwilling to provide much information


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Sorry. My fault – corrected

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please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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Posted (edited)

Ok I will copy the letter word for wordthis is what they said



to assist with your search please can you provide the following 


telephone numbers you called 

telephone number you called from

date of call

time of call

staff member you spoke to


please note we are less likely to be able to locate calls more than 12 months old and all calls are provide on cd 

if you are able to provide the above details send them to bla bla bla

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I would write to them and point out that your SAR did not set any limits and that you want all personal data and there was nothing selective about it.

Point out that if their filing system is in such a mess then they will find themselves in breach of the data protection rules and also it probably explains why they're making such a pigs ear of complying with the FOS direction which is soon to be the subject of a separate legal proceedings.


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got an email on Friday From the fos saying that they have a request from Barclays on how to ament the mortgage and I am to give them a further two weeks. From last Friday. 


A also replied to Barclays in regards to the sar stating that they have ten days left as the original sar was sent on the 8th July. And I also informed them that I want all data and failure to supply would result in court action. 

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I think you mean that the SR was sent on 8 June.


In terms of the FOS request that you extend the deadline for action, you should write to them and agree.

You should also write to the solicitors and tell them that as you have now been approached by the FOS to extend the deadline, you are prepared to do that as a gesture of goodwill but that they should understand that the letter of claim is still in force and the clock is still ticking.


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