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TV Repair - What are my rights? What shall I do now?

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Hi all,


Hope this is the right section.


My 49" Sony Bravia TV stopped recognising all HDMI ports.

I looked for a local repair company. F


ound the following;




They offered a no hassle free quote.

They came and collected the TV.

I asked for a receipt when he appeared to just be leaving.


He asked for my email and inputted it onto his handheld device.

He said I would get a confirmation email.

As soon as I closed the door I felt I had made a mistake.

I took a picture of the van reg.

The email never came.


Things progressed as normal however, they rang after a few days, main the main board was faulty.

They said however the part was rare, and even a used one was £180+ just for the part.

As they offered free quotes, I asked it to be returned to me.


That was now 6 weeks ago.

My phone calls are being ignored, when I do get through (usually by using someone else phone) they promise to bring it back Monday, or Wednesday, then I don't hear again.


I'm not desperate for the TV, being an android TV it could have been off use still and I would look to source a second hand main board at some point.


Its not the point though, its mine, I want it back, I don't want this abysmal company to profit from this.


Can I ring 101 and report to the police or is this just something I have to accept?

I would go and knock on the door but the street view of their address doesnt look like a shop of any sort.


Any advice would be great!

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I don't knw if you saw this, it's off the bottom of their website.

I wonder if it's a franchise ? If it is your probably dealing with a one man local outfit, Try contacting the main address, they may be more interested in your problem


TV Repairs Worcester is a advertising name of Olton TV Services Ltd. 188 Gospel Lane, Olton, B27 7AG

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What is the value of the TV? - value now and replacement value?

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Yeah I saw the Olton TV name, looking at the public records it looks like that company is dissolved. They seem to all link to the same address. If you ring the Solihull number, Worcester number etc they all divert to the same number. 


Value of the TV, I guess not repaired £50-£100,repaired £200-£250.

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