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    • Guys just to let you know. Chasing these claims is more out of the principle for me. Truly value the help CAG give and provide. Admire the reassurance and advice you give, especially to those in desperate need. Will be looking to donate a significant portion of the final claim. 
    • well I'm afraid that you have missed the main principle which is why should you pay more in order to insure them against their own breach of contract?    This is the confidence trick which all courier companies seem to be practicing against their innocent customers and it's been going on for years.   Follow the link to the piece on extended warranties and you will understand more about how you've been conned into giving up some of the value of your own property because they have breached their contract towards you and lost the item. It is Hermes who should be insuring against their own negligence and their own contractual breaches.   Hermes should not be relying on their customers to protect them against their own contractual breaches. That is the principle that you should be be attempting to defend and unfortunately you appear to have surrendered it.  
    • great stuff. i will continue to lurk and help with any currys pcw related items i can. bare in mind i no longer work for the company any things may change in the future as far as processes.   id personally never buy anything samsung after having had to call their useless customer service for the past few years. they dont deserve your money
    • Hi,    Not sure if I have the right place but a lot of questions seemed to be answered really well so I will try and tap the available knowledge.   I am a student mental health nurse in my second year and have run into a problem regarding my licence.   At the start of June I had a bipolar episode that finished, declared by my psychiatrist on Oct 6th.   I am fine with this (as you can be) as it has happened every 5 years for the past 20 years.   The time previous to this I took my car off the road and did not inform the DVLA and then when my psychiatrist "indicated" it was ok I drove.   This time because I wanted to do it right because I am trying to "do it right" I contacted the DVLA and just wow.   They told me the date was to be the 29th November to start my 3-month ban and that I was to send back my licence and re-apply after those 3 months.   Can I ask a question or two about this information???   Why did they start my 3-months on the 29th Nov when my doctor told me I was completely fine on the 6th Oct - It has added a huge amount of time onto my ban (7 weeks approx).   Is there anything I can do about this? It's like they picked a future random date out of the air(29th Nov).    Can I get them to go with my doctor's 6th Oct if I ring up and tell them this is the date she chose (she chose to declare me ill on one day, why do they ignore the date I was well?)   Should I ring them up and if so, what should I say?   Also on the re-application papers sent out there is a section that says:                                                    "where there has been a history of frequent relapses a longer period of stability will be required..."   Honestly, this terrifies me. What is the time they count as "frequent relapses?"   Is it every 2 or 3 years, or 5?    If it is 5 years and  I fall under that banner say, what are they going to say to me? A 6 month absence?  A year?   It's pretty scary stuff to be honest.   If you can reply, can you be sure to give me the correct info if you can.   I thank you for your time in advance,   All the best, ste.
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At the moment you have the evidence they are in the wrong and arent actually sure they are chasing the right person legally speaking.


Now if their original NTK  was sent it should contain any photographic evidence they have of the event and if that shows peoploe sitting in ther car then it means there was no breach of the conditions BUT if you appeal, ask them for evidence etc you may well drop yourself in it so my advice is to sit tight and let them waste their money chasing you.


If you feel yo need to contact anyone then get on to ESSO's  people and point out that one of their concessions is busy breaking the law in the way they are allowing random people to photograph the occupants of their customer's vehicles and that you will be interested to knwo what they think of unregulated snappers photographing children without permission and would they like it if you sent someone round to do the same to them?


basically you are trying to embarrass them into taking action as the garage isnt owned by them but they do have a lot of clout and can put the place out of business with a snap of the fingers if they wish. gte details of the owners of the actual site and if Esso wont act you go after them and point out that they have employed a bunch of bandits who are breaking the law and that you are inclined to sue the  for the breaches as the parking co are merely their agents.


The last peopel you wnat to contact is the parking co as they are ignorant liars and bullies. Save  what you have until the very last moment and hit them hard at that point as they wont be able to change their story or play with their evidence at that juncture.


None of this will necessarily be a quick fix though and that is another thing the parking co's rely on, your desire to end this quickly. Peopel pay up because they " dont want the hassle" rather than because they are in the wrong. Very few parking co's get everything right so the number of proper legit cliams they can make is probably around 2% of the ones they shove out

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