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Conveyanceing bill almost 4x as much as originally quoted

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I am A first time buyer

currently purchasing a new build property with the shared equity scheme


I have received what I think is my final bill from Nero legal in Glasgow costing about £2,800

my original quote from HBC conveyanceing was around £800 .


I was passed onto Nero legal from them 

I believe they work hand in hand in robbing people. 


Looking at Nero legal reviews on google you will see that there is almost 200 reviews that are positive with a small amount saying they have been ripped off.

After digging a little deeper there are a few names that come together with problems that is,

Nero legal,

hbc conveyanceing,

GWG ltd and 

Aaen Peach


there are some topics in this forum about some of them.


I believe Nero legal used to be Aaen Peach if you look at their reviews

on a similar review website you will find the real truth behind Aaen peach


they are con artists and seem to do the same thing to vulnerable un knowing people.

I have spoken two 3 different law firms and a financial adviser and they all reckon I have been over charged.


I have a breakdown of my account I will put down below.

I am within a couple of weeks of getting the keys to my house and have been hit with this hefty un accounted for bill.


I am looking for some help in double checking my account statement and if there are any obvious scams

Part 1 Legal Fee


Legal Fee £384


Chaps fee £54


Dealing with mortgage lender £252


Legal undertaking £480


Declarations and/or affidavit/notarisation £60


post & incidental communication charges £60


Dealing with 3rd party (activation of nhbc) £90


Part 1 total: £1380


part 2 payments to others


lender transfer charge £35

registration costs

registration of disposition £360

registration of standard security £60

registration of standard security Scottish ministers £60

registration of ranking agreement £10

completion and submission of registration docs £216

completion and submission of advance notice £54

search costs

legal report £55

charges search £48

revenue Scotland 

lbtt £100

lbtt return £108


newbuild/purchasing from a company/repossession or action purchase

new build or plot purchase £120

id cost £9

Part 2 total: £1235

total £2615 

also there is a page attached with a summary from the builders on the bottom it lists 

to add

registration dues of standard security £60

registration dues of minute of agreement and two extracts £22

cost of advance notice £10

factors float £100


Now I know I will deduct the first time buyers tax and have advised of this

I have asked why I have been charged for the standard security twice and was told the builder requires two.


Sorry for the lengthy post just in desperate need for help thanks.


If there is any more information required I will post it in the comments. 

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You say that you received an original quote for about £800 and you were then passed on to Nero. Can you tell us more about this quote. Was it a firm price and did it have in mind that your conveyancing would be carried out by Nero?

Where you given any assessment as to the value of the work by Nero?


Where are you based? Are you in Scotland?

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