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Being accused of theft from my workplace

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Okay so i work for a retailing factory very big company i have been there for 7 years with a full clean record.


Now i don't really no where to start but i will try to explain it the best i can i bought a necklace for my girlfriend who also works for this company she has served 5 years now because the company sells these necklaces they have taken the necklace of my girlfriend that i purchased they have said they want proof of purchase so i told them i no longer have the receipt for the necklace so what they have done now is created a investigation and pulled me.and my girlfriend in asking questions aimed at us being thieves.


They have said that we are not suspending you because of the left of time you have worked for us but we need to ask a few more members of staff for statements not sure why because they is no one else involved. I'm new to this kind of issue and never delt with anything like this before. I have told them I'm totally honest said to them you can check the cameras. I said that i have been here for 7 years never had any issues what so ever clean record etc as it stands we are still awaiting for them.to get back to us. Just after some advice etc thanks 


Just to note its the security team in my workplace that are dealing with this issue not my manager Hr are not involved yet either

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where did you buy the necklace? Might you have a bank statement or credit card bill showing it? (almost no one uses cash now!)

Never assume anyone on the internet is who they say they are. Only rely on advice from insured professionals you have paid for!

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how recent was the purchase?

You know where you got it from so possibly they may have CCTV of you in the shop if it wasnt too long ago.


You need to be forthcoming with this info and I suugest that unless you are you wont be getting the amount of advice you otherwise might

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