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Question about SB debt

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Hi everyone


I'm new to forum and will probably have a lot more questions as I try and figure out my current debt situation


I've been reading a lot online about the rules regarding SB debts


One thing that I am a bit confused about is the 6 year rule- or 5 as I live in Scotland


Whilst I have not made any payments on any of my debt accounts for 3-4 years, or personally acknowledged them to the various, and ever changing DCA's me at the moment


About 18 months ago, I went to citizens advice (for advice) and they (not me) did contact my creditors - explaining I was quite ill at the time/no income etc- does that count against me in terms that I have thus acknowledged the debts


Many thanks


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doubt it very much.


if you wish list them here:


original creditor:

who owns the debt now:

outstanding balance:

defaulted date:

last payment date:


most of this will come from your credit file.





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OK thanks dx100uk


I will start digging out the details- there is quite a few

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No-one can represent you as far as the debt liability goes so the CAB might have given your creditors a sob strory but that is not a representation by you so means nothing as far as the SB clock goes.

My mum could admit that I owe money to a creditor and offer to pay but there is no relationship between her and the creditor so whatever she said or did wouldnt chaneg that. Now bailiffs like to pile on the guilt in trying to get relative to cough up for debts that arent theirs but they dont get paid otherwise.

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