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NPS Charge and letter of claim

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On 22 Feb 2019 I attended my nieces wedding and  parked my car on Private land at Sandford Rd Jesmond and bought a parking ticket at 14.17pm. Expiry time 15.17pm as I didn't have enough change to pay for longer at that time.

I got change and went back and got another parking ticket at 15.23pm expiry time 18.00pm.

The car park is free to use after 18.00hrs.


28th Feb I received a parking charge notice for the amount of 100 pounds (reduced to 60 if paid within 14 days).

I did nothing as I had paid for tickets and knew there information was incorrect.

I.have also seen information similar to on this forum saying that these  demands aren't enforceable and not to respond to correspondence.


4th April I received a final demand for the 100 pounds and again did nothing as I knew I had paid.

23Rd April I received a Notice of Debt Recovery from certified bailiffs, DCBL with a case number. Stating that a further 50 pounds had been added plus vat and the sum now due was 160 pounds.

Again I did nothing as I had paid and the tickets and paperwork to prove it.

13th May another letter from DCBL came for Legal Recovery Action all with the threat of attachment of earnings charges on my property.

By now I had looked into this company and these practises further and knew there was no way this could be enforced so again did nothing.

8th Nov. I heard nothing until today when a letter dropped through my door, this time from NPS who are claiming the full 160. 60 pounds of which I'm sure now belong to DCBL allegedly for admin costs and this one is Letter of Claim.

I have all the paper work pertaining to this as I had a hunch this might happen so made a point of keeping it all.

So my question is what do I do now.

Do I ignore the whole situation and it will go away or do I need to (legally) respond to this request. 

There are 2 photos of my car but not in the carpark. Both are taken on a road can't make out which one.

I have all letters and will upload them shortly as I am now going back to the car park to take photos of the signage.

Thank you in anticipation.


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