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Many debts. No income. Mega depressed. Best option?

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Hi people 


I've managed to get myself into a sorry state financially.

I'm insanely depressed which I guess is common for many.

I don't think all of it comes down to the financial stuff but it is really crushing me now.



A lot of debt has been due to living on credit and gambling.

I don't have a job.

I know I should get one but I just totally despondent at the moment (due to many reasons)

. I don't expect any sympathy but I thought I would share this.


It's tempting to bury my head in the sand and wait for the inevitable calls from various collections departments but I want to be as proactive as possible. I think I've cancelled all direct debits so I don't get bouncing charges from the banks...


So onto the debts:



livelend; £2400 was 4k 13% interest

Bamboo £3000 (only just made the first payment this month) supid interest

Likelyloans approx £3500 stupid interest 

One payday loan for £200 I just got to cover some bills (knowing that I'd unlikely be able to pay it) - this is the only thing I haven't cancelled with the bank as they just take it from your card


Credit cards:

Aqua approx. 3900

Capital one approx. 1200

Amazon approx £500

Paypal Credit Approx £1100


Santander £1500

Barclays £1k limit (I don't actually pay anything for this)


So all in all approximately £18,000



I also have a negative Paypal balance of £5000 but I don't believe this classes as a debt and I don't think they can do anything about this having read up on it quite a lot.


I guess my question is what is my best course of action.

Should I look to do a DRO?

Should I go bankrupt? (eurgh. Full disclosure I did this 15 years ago when I was 21. You think I would have learnt!)

Should I write to each creditor and offer them £1 a month?

Should I talk to one of the debt charities?


It is all my fault that I'm in this state but I also know that it's not the end of the world because they are all non priority debts. I probably am slightly behind on the council tax but not significantly.


I started claiming universal credit a couple of weeks ago and had my first appointment last week but managed to miss the next one due to not being able to sleep and then oversleeping and so I guess they've probably kicked me off that already and I might have to claim again. 


So yeah. I take responsibility for what's happened but I don't see any way out. I've been very depressed lately due to this and other things. There is no one to "bail me out" and I probably don't need or want that anyway.

Any advice appreciated






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I think you've made a good start by setting out in writing what you need to deal with. People should be along later to advise on how to deal with your creditors.


For the mental side of things, have you talked to your GP about getting some help with what's getting you down? Or support with the gambling issues?



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Oh I just remembered I have a long defaulted account with Halifax balance approx £3700 I believe (from around 2015) but they aren't chasing me for it or anything. It was actually over £5000 but they refunded me a load of unfair charges (their words) 

This does however push me over the £20,000 limit for a DRO I think?


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6 hours ago, honeybee13 said:


i'm on happy pills (anti depressants) but they aren't cutting the mustard anymore and I do need to see my GP soon to see if he can help in anyway.

With regards to gambling it's so complicated;

through my life I have made money (as well as having had some jobs)  being a "professional gambler" (gambling where the odds are in your favour - think card counting for example, fruit machines years ago for a long time.... Other things.)


But I've also been totally compulsive at the same time. It;'s so entrenched in my psyche that it's hard to imagine just giving it up totally.


I also have drug issues that have plagued me and it's a shame because I am fairly intelligent and could have been successful in life in theory but mainly due to those two things (and not really having any drive, ambition, whatever... I could go on and on but this isn't a therapy forum :P) I've not managed to.

I'm 36 by the way.


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I think you will have to start off by giving more details of your debts. When were they incurred, last date of any acknowledgement or payment and date of any default. Then we can start to take it from there. I'm quite sure that site team member @dx100uk will be along to have a look at this point soon and will give you the best possible advice.

I see that you've been here since 2013 so presumably you have read around and you have a fairly good understanding of what is enforceable and what is not.

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These appear all to be consumer debt

So please dont be stupid and enter into anything like a dro/bk ever.


So an admitted gambler..this is important in a way ....

My thoughts are firing off irresponsible lending claims

as i expect your credit file was shot to pieces when some of these gave you credit??


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Hi @BankFodder and Dx100 thanks for your replies.

Well nothing has defaulted yet as I had been able to make payments up until this month for everything.

This/next month is when this going to start hitting the fan and I want to 

The livelend loan is about a year old. 

Bamboo is like a month and I've made one payment

Likely a couple of months and I've made two payments.


Aqua credit card I've had for a few years and it started with a smallish limit and they kept increasing it.

Say it went to up to 1600 at some point and I used it and paid it back and didn't use it and they increased it a couple of times.


I had always paid it off and had it sitting there doing nothing so they were quite happy I guess. Interestingly they actually cut the limit by 300 to just under 4000 and I got a letter saying after a review they were doing that (I don't know what triggered them to do this).

It was only in June that they increased it significantly from approx 2.5k or 3000 to 4100. 


Capital One credit card I think they increased it once and again I only used it once and cleared it and then they increased it slightly and I've utilised it all now. I have probably had it a year or so.

Paypal credit they just offered me 2.5k limit and I used it for buying things.

It was probably opened 18 months ago.

I missed payment last month but paid it since.

Barclays I've been with for years and am actually premier (lol) and have had loads of money going through my account but never sitting in there for long and I actually don't have to pay anything for my overdraft.


Santander I have had the account for a few years but never really used it too much, it was more of a backup current account and I used it for work once where I needed to keep some things separate.

They only recently let me have an overdraft and I it up the wall this month.


@dx100uk Thinking about it I

didn't have any real credit for a fairly long time aside from payday loans which I got into a trap with but paid off. 


The only thing that was a major negative on my credit file was the closed Halifax account with a balance of between -£3.7k or -£5.2k depending on when they looked at it.


So what I'm saying is I don't think it was shot (though it certainly wasn't good enough to get many "normal" low-interest products.


Bamboo and likely loans are, I imagine, high risk lenders in that they will give them to people with not great credit but with that comes high interest. I think one is 60% and the other 70%! These were used to try and gamble my way out .

Nobody sane would take out such loans but as I've admitted I'm deluded.

Livelend they were more reasonable around 13%


I feel like I could have a chance with bamboo and likely about irresponsible lending and it doesn't hurt to ask.

With everyone else (the credit cards) I think I should just write and offer them £1 a month and say I will review in 6 months (or is it 3? I forget the standard practice).


I didn't realise that considering DRO or BR was "stupid";

The amount I owe feels insurmountable and hence this is why I was considering those options... 


Is it better to approach them now or wait for things to default?

I don't mind if they pass them off to DCAs

but I would prefer to get them to agree to freeze interest so the number owed doesn't rack up.


As I've read countless times DCAs are powerless and have to work with what I offer (which, currently, is basically nothing).

I still want to bury my head in the sand but I think for my mental health it would be better to get ahead of things.

I guess I shouldn't care about my credit rating now.

There's no reason I need to get in this position again.

I know that I need to do things in writing and refuse to talk over the phone.

Are emails suitable in this day and age or do I need to stick to physical letters?

I think that recorded delivery isn't necessary just proof of postage?


Sorry for the long post and I hope I have got my thoughts across. 

Thanks again




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stick to letters.


look in the debt collection section of our library

there is a pro rata letter


send that to everyone.


if they don't agree then we'll deal as and when

those that do or do not reply.

pay what you say when you said it to show good faith.

use BACS transfer via online internerweb portal of your bank ...not DD>





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@dx100uk Well my pro-rata offer is minus at the moment lol so I will look to modify it and offer the £1 token payment. Is that the right move?

At the end of the day both they and I know that you can't get blood out of a stone and I am a stone currently :)


Thanks again sir

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Well I've written letters to the loans and the credit cards (aside from paypal credit; I can't find a UK mailing address for them so waiting for them to reply to that. Does anyone happen to know if they even have a UK office? I think I read somewhere that they use Newday as an intermediary due to not having a licence here. That would be quite funny as two of my three actual credit cards are from Newday under different names so it would mean almost all credit card debt is with them! )

The letters all said the same thing. I also took the opportunity to ask that they kept communication via letter only as no point talking on the phone.

Tomorrow I will print them off and send them. 2nd class is good enough right? Is proof of postage necessary?


I actually feel a little bit better just having made that first step of pulling my thumb out and drafting the letters, finding addresses etc. Still mega stressed and depressed but I guess it's "only" debt (and I think as has been mentioned "unenforceable")


For now I have just offered a £1 token payment to everyone including Bamboo and Likely (who, as mentioned I MAY have a case to make irresponsible lending claims to, though I might not have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on my applications with regards to my income and expenditure (oops 🐵 )

Santander overdraft is one thing that I think I will just have to let default whenever they start taking charges (this was pretty much the straw that broke the camels back with regards to getting me to the point of having NOTHING. That and the loan from Bamboo a month or so ago)


I'm guessing I'll get a nice amount of contact from them all eventually, but hopefully they do stick to post. If they do phone I will simply ask them to write to me as per my request.


I will endeavour to update this thread when I start to hear from them. 

I do hope they are reasonable though I expect some of them won't be.



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get your income out of anyones hands that you have a debt with

open a parachute account

get all income paid there but make sure they are also not one of you existing creditors.



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If you miss a  Universal Credit appointment, very important to call 0800 328 5644 as soon as possible.  If the reason for non attendance is health, particularly mental health, then they will often accept this as good reason.


If you contact them, you should avoid a sanction and can simply arrange a new appointment.  If you are seeing a Doctor and are signed off sick, then the Job Centre might not want to see you regularly. They may opt to give you a phone call every few weeks, just to check on your progress.


Don't become yet another person, who makes their situation worse, by not contacting Universal Credit or the Job Centre and ending up with no money due to sanction.

We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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