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ParkingEye 3xPCNs paid by Rental company - the golden cross car park in slough,

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hiya, excuse me if the below is a mess!
ive been dealing with a rental company called DRIVY/GETAROUND, which is the middleman between car owners and car renters

i rented a car from them between the 11/09 - 20/09, handed the car back no issues,

the last week of october i receive an email stating the owner of the vehicle i rented has received a PCN and has paid it, so they have charged me £60 for the fine, £30 to compensate the owner for the inconvenience & £5 admin for them

i was furious but let it go,£95 wasnt worth the hassle.

a few days later (november now) i received 2 further PCN

they had attemted to charge me a further £95x2 but i stopped them, called my bank, told them i never authorised the payment and cancelled the card.
they have not attempted to reclaim the money

All 3 of the above PCNs were from private parking firms and thus not fines
a couple days later a PCN from wandsworth council comes through to them, they email me asking for £130 + £35, on the councils website it states the fine is £65

firstly during my rental and even after i have not even been within a 5 mile radius of that street the fine was issued in throughout my rental, if it was the case the car would have a PCN stuck to the windshield since it was from the council but it didnt..

all 4 pcns were received over a month after my rental, all 4 ive been denied right to appeal, and have not been able to view images. i am told to appeal the charge and once the owner is refunded they will refund me. But i know full well that once payment is done, case is closed for good.

the company have no idea what the difference between a Penalty notice(fine) and Parking Notice(invoice) is.. they will not allow you to speak to a manager or supervisor with different excuses each time, ignore emails, when they reply to your email, they glance over it and dont address it correctly even when you ask them to address the numbered points individually

In their T&Cs nowhere does it mention anything regarding paying invoices, it mentions "PCN fines" and compensations to the owner, however even this is "only if unpaid by driver" ....regardless of this surely they should discharge liability?

i have read other threads on this forum & i will post the link to google docs with my email to them and their reply,

If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated! or at least give me their veiwpoint on this

email and response.docx

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Pers i would split the council pcn out and start a new thread for that in the local authority parking forum

as it must be deal with different ly




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I would do a chargeback of any sums taken by whomever for any speculative incoices.




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I would contact Wandsworth council and tell them that you hired a vehicle reg no xxyyzzz between the dates given and that the vehicle was never near the place and no ticket ever slapped on the vehicle whilst in your care so could you have a copy of the PCN and the photograpic evidence of the event. They cant say no but may waffle to try and avoid the possibility of getting involved in a fight between you and the hire co.

If it is some mickey mouse outfit suspect the worst.

Now did you park in a manner that woudl attract the attention of the private parking cowboys? If so tell us the who and where and we will offer advice that may prevent you from being sued by either them or the hire co.

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in all 4 instances the car was not "parked".

in 3 of the 4 instances (the private companies) there is no proof to show that the car was parked,

just an entering and leaving ANPR camera photo,


on a threatening piece of paper dated 1 month and 1 day exactly after the offence,

I have a very strong appeal letter that woulve knocked all 3 parking charge notices out the water on each one of the multiple violations of POFA2012 and BPA code of practice that i noticed.

the car has a GPS tracker and i have requested telemetry date with no result, as mentioned above, they tend to ignore emails when they dont feel like it

i will request the pcn and photos from the council first thing tomorrow morning

I did not go anywhere "new" with this car,

i parked in the same places,

in the same manner,

simply followed a daily routine like i do with my car.


in 4 years of driving ive never received a PCN,

yet in 1 week of driving this car i receive 4?


whilst doing the exact same routine as i do every day!

to me it smells fishy!


i went today and had a look at the street,

ive never been there before and i definitely would not have any reason to stop,

there let alone park there. 

thanks for the help & input so far lads!

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right lets clear some things up.


private parking and proof of parking.


They have used ANPR to capture some images of the vehicle entering and leaving the land but you sound like you are trying to attack this from the wrong direction regarding proof.


they wont drop the matter so you have to dig up the dirt rather than just say prove it to them


tell us the hire co was for starters, there may be people who have experience that can help you without saying anything to the parking co at all


name the places and as you went there

I hope that you had read a load of threads here and can supply us with a better of images to show us what you are on about.


If you cant then you will be going back there again,

not only to show us

but to appeal the tickets anyway so it wont be a wasted journey.


lastly we would like you to try and sneak some pictures of the vehicle you hired to show any small differences with the ones in the parking pictures,

ie different reg plate makers mark,

things stuck to windows,

colour of interior of vehicle etc.


any small change will help you show that the plates have beeen cloned.


YOU have to do the legwork, no-one else is interested until the time someone gets run over.

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The hire company is Drivy/Getaround, they are a middleman who have given me a rental with qwikcars LTD

The parking charges are from ParkingEye @ the golden cross in slough, this one i was on the premises but was not parked, and stood inside the car the whole time & only stayed for a limited time talking to a client on my phone. 

Hammersmith and fulham council in Irving road by officer HF344 meaning a yellow sticker on the windscreen correct? yet the car has never stepped on that road in my possession.

the last 2 are from NCP and both show  dark photos of a golf with those plates which is what the rental car was, however they are for London Maida Vale NCP car park  & London Park lane NCP car par, both of which ive also never ever seen, heard or been to my whole life, let alone during this rental.

of the 4 charges ive only been to 1 of the places
ive not been provided pictures of any of it, the owner has sent me some low quality pictures of the PCNs 

I have requested photographs from the council and telemetry data from the car so i should be able to prove the plates are cloned and that it was not me.

Am i correct that i have been denied my freedom rights to appeal a pcn? 
Lastly am i correct in saying i cannot be held liable to pay or refund them for a PCN unless owner of the rental or company discharge liability onto me in which case i wouldnt owe the rental company anything anyway??

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the rental co should have passed on the NTK to you to weither accept responsibility for dealing with it or at least absolving thej of any liability and they havent done this so you dont have to pay them any money and if you have you can claim it back via your bank's recharge system.


You will need to speal to H&F council directly to get the information I hvae suggested, namely their proper photographs and a copy of the original PCN. The dodgy rental co isnt going to help you in this so no pint even asking them.

The NCP charges will have been issued late anyway so the hire co are stupid if they apud up without reading the letter properly.


Also stop arguing abotu being aprked because if you were there for over 10 minutes their cameras will assume you were aprked whatever you were doing at the time so we need to know the entry and exit times of the vehicle to look into that.

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