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Former neighbour has moved boundary without our knowledge

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Hello all,


We live in a semi-detached


it has transpired that a previous neighbour has stolen land whilst replacing her fence around four years ago.  


She had a large double buggy and used to use the side gate to get inside her house because of the narrow space around the front door, so we can understand why she pulled a fast one but it’s obviously not on! 


We didn’t realise the space was gone as we had no rear extension when fence was replaced.  

Now the extension is there we realise that she has taken several inches because a gardener who came to white for work said the area from side gate to garden is too narrow to fit any machinery through.

We measured and she has a good few inches more than we have.  


My question is:

we have new neighbours there now.  

They should not be liable for this.  


Once we have checked land registry, what can we do?  

Moving the fence panels may require also moving paving slabs, so could be an expensive job.  

New neighbours are not keen to help as the paving runs straight from front path to back garden and looks very smart!  

Would all need shifting if we take our land back.


Any advice very much appreciated and happy to post photos if that helps!



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You are going to need some help from somebody who specialises in land law – but briefly, had this happened before you bought the property?

Secondly, does the filed plan show the new reduced boundary or the boundary as it should be?

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where do you live? Large cities have different laws regarding boundaries. try speaking to the new neighbours ans see if they are amenable to correcting the fence line at your expense.

If you moved in after the change in the boundary, basically tough as the cost of the dispute will be more than the value of the property.

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