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Hi All, having an issue with Paypal / Paypal Credit.
Purchased two 4.50 items from Ebay, paid both through paypal, one via Debit Card the other paypal credit.

The items did not get sent, and the person Cancelled the order.

However, Paypal tried to get refund and the refund was cancelled due no funds in the persons account.



A dispute was raised (Upheld in my favor but yet to be refunded - said can take 30days!)

whilst speaking with the PayPal advisor I told him I had a minimum Payment due with Paypal Credit (£12.71) and he agreed that I should not pay it whilst I was owed money by paypal.


Fast forward to 5th Nov,

I get a snotty call from an Irish chap, telling me I've missed my payment and they have now charged me an additional £12 and that my next bal is £32 to pay.
I informed him of the call I had on the 25th, to which he advised me the agent had no right saying this as he's not the credit department.


Told them that I didn't really care what department they were in the company he represents is PayPal not PayPal credit.

Agent then said he would open a complaint and somebody will be in touch.


Sat 9th, missed call

- thought it was in relation to resolution and me getting my funds back, nope collection call.
told the guy again, he was quite understanding and said he understood, and would note the system to cease calls for a week.


Today 11th at 11am  phone rings, cancel the call due to moments silence.
ring back - Collections again - this guy was worse.


would not listen, kept talking over me,

telling me that I had to pay as it's two seperate companies etc etc,

tells me that  FCA actually advise that company's to make charges to keep customers in line.
Refuses to read notes, eventually he said agent on 25th deny's advising me not to make a payment.


Told me I was being pedantic, and I should pay up as the £4.50 is the dispute not the account (its the same thing!) and charges & interest is stopped on this entry and not the account??? And that they will continue to report negatively on my credit reports despite a dispute being raised.


I said, well i will await resolution, and in mean time contact FSO for advice

- exact words were FCA and FSO wont help you on this, tell them it's over £4.50 and £12 and see how far you get.


I've been informed at work that PayPal & PayPal credit are not authorized by FCA they can keep harassing me and applying charges.

Is this correct?


Apart from not entering in to communication with these cretins what other suggestions you have?


I just want my money back, charge refunded so I can continue and get balance down and close the account.

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its a penalty not matter what the level

is this the only item on your PP credit card or are there others of old making any balance?



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Nope there are other items making up the balance and this is the first charge/missed payment & I only did this as the agent said not to pay it.

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Pitfalls of using the phone then

You owed previous sums

You should have continued paying.

£4.50 does not meet the O/S bal




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