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EMC car sales Bagshot- i have judgement but they now sent N244

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Hi everyone.

I have a judgement against EMC car sales 

last month they applied to set it aside.


At the moment I'm still waiting for the date of hearing.


I've also realized that they ceased trading at the end of October.


Does anyone know what options I have in this situation?


Thanks for any help.



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Please post up your claim form and also the set-aside application in PDF format so we can see more about it.

However, you aren't the only one and looking at other threads on this forum and also elsewhere, it seems that this is a company which Phoenixes - meaning that they seem to have a bit of a track record for dissolving and starting up new companies.

You should certainly object to the set-aside application on the basis that they are no longer trading – but it's a mystery as to how they are putting in a set-aside application if they don't exist any longer.

I would suggest that you object to the set-aside and and asked the judge that if he or she is minded to allow the set-aside then it should be on condition that the money claimed is paid into court. This is a very reasonable request. Point out to the judge that they seem to be dissolving and starting new companies.

However, I think you have a problem here

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I will post up my claim form and the set-aside application later.


EMC requested set aside judgment few weeks before they ceased trading. I've been waiting for hearing date for 6 weeks now. 




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See the other threads

They are are now under a new name but registered as trading as emc

So stuff em

Send in the hceo and seize assets you have a judgement


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