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fautly laptop 3 repairs

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We purchased a laptop from PC world in Dec,  it did not come out of the box until 26 days after purchase at which point it failed instantly. It was returned to the store on the 31st day since purchase including all the Christmas holiday. The assistant argued with us against exchanging the laptop as it was 31 days

The laptop was repaired with hardware replaced and returned to us.

It failed again completely in June and was returned to store; again it was repaired with hardware replaced.

During mid Sept the laptop first kept locking up and then the battery life reduced to an hour. It was finally returned to the store again on 23/10 at which point I spoke to the store manager.  He stated that it would need to go for repair again. I agreed as he stated if any fault were found that required parts the laptop would be written off at this point. Notes were added to the diary on the system to this effect along with his name.

On the 31st Oct I was contacted to tell me that the laptop had been repaired again hardware parts replaced and a new image loaded so all my data is lost. When I referred to the fact that the manager had instructed it to be written off the analyst confirmed that there were the instruction on the repair notes to this effect and didn’t know why it had been repaired.  He promised to call me back. 

The following day I was contacted again by another analyst I repeated all the same information and referred her to the diary notes at which point I was told she has no idea and she was only asked to phone everyone on her list. At this point I requested the manager again I was told he would call me back.  4 days later I still haven’t heard any more.

The team do not seem to be able to follow the agreed process even when defined by the store manager in writing on their own system.

Can we reject this repair as the laptop has constantly failed and  if we go via the county court do we have any rights or a good chance of winning

Also looking at the receipt we have been paying for a warranty when the device is covered by the normal 12 month warranty. Surely this is miss sold?


Thanks for any advice



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I'm very sorry that you are having this bad experience with this store. I suppose there are lots of satisfied customers but it seems to me that when things go wrong that they suddenly get very reluctant about respecting their customers consumer rights.

Under the consumer rights you had the right to return the laptop if it developed a fault within 30 days. Within the first six months you had a right to insist upon a repair and then after a failure of that repair, you had a right to return the laptop and receive a refund. Unfortunately you have lost these automatic rights by not acting promptly.

Although it doesn't help you now, never buy anything that you are going to test within the first 30 days.

The treatment that you are getting from PC World doesn't seem to be at all unusual and also we had better warn you that they will be reluctant and push you to the edge and probably to the point where you will have to bring a legal action before they start to meet their obligations. This is an extraordinary company. They are hugely well resourced and yet they penny pinch on consumer rights and try to get away with minimal service. It's a real shame that somebody like trading standards doesn't turn their attention to this company.

You've been advised above to write emails to their CEO team. I suppose there is nothing to be lost but personally I don't have a lot of confidence.

If you are going to send them emails then I would suggest that you send the emails in the form of a letter of claim given 14 days to receive the laptop and to refund your money or else you will see them in the County Court and without any further notice. I wouldn't get involved in any protracted conversations. They have had their opportunities to repair the item and the repairs have failed. You have simply been put to inconvenience for a huge period of time and you have to take control and make it stop.

If you are prepared to take legal action then do as I have suggested above – but don't bluff. This year the threat and on day 15 issue the papers. If you are prepared to do this then you can look forward to a pretty long fight.

If you want to start a small claim in the County Court then we will help you. It's pretty easy but you need to know the steps. However, don't expect this to be resolved this side of Christmas unless you are very lucky. Unfortunately PC World and Currys now seemed to have a monopoly on high Street stores offering this kind of equipment. You can buy similar items online that there I suppose you have even less control than you do of PC World.

I'm afraid that when you buy anything like this you need to be sure of your consumer rights and to act quickly and don't stand for any nonsense. You have lost control of this but we will help you retake control if you are prepared to go the distance

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Thank you both for taking the time to reply and for your advice I have emailed the CEO but am not confident

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I'd like to see this so-called policy in writing. Whatever the policy is, it is subordinate to your statutory rights.

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