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MyHermes - Lost package

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Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.

I have recently moved to the UK, and my family back in France have sent me my belongings through mondialrelay, in 2 packages (both sent on the same day).

The first package arrived without a problem and was left with a neighbour.

However, for the second package, Hermes claims they have attempted three deliveries during the workweek.

I have no proof of this. No paper left, and never any warning before the delivery. How can I take a day off work with no notice?
The website did not allow me to add information for delivery or ask for a precise delivery time. I have tried to contact Hermes through email and phone with no success.
Now it's been a month since the last update, which was that the parcel would be sent back to the sender.

Despite my numerous emails to both Hermes and Mondial relay, none of them have given me any new or precise information.

At that point I should add that this package is very valuable to me, as it contains irreplaceable object (my late grandfather's camera, a number of valuable negatives...) as well as up to 3000£ worth of goods (winter jackets, electronic devices, ...). I have taken an extra insurance with mondial relay worth 500€ (the maximum I could input).

What should I do? I'm desperate to get that package back, or that it returns safely to France, but I'm starting to fear that may never happen. I still don't unterstand how a 20kg package could have been lost (or stolen?) but I might have been too naive.


The worst is that I'm not sure I can find the receipts for a lot of the items that were in the package.

My understanding is that Hermes is at fault here, since the last time I've received news the package was in the UK (and they have been terrible at getting the package to me). Could I claim the full 3000£? What about the psychological cost, loss of sleep and productivity due to the stress? Is there a chance the package can still be found?

Thanks a lot for your help and replies,


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check one last time that they havent returned the package to where it was sent from, this often happens with undeliverable goods.


Hermes have a special facility where they send all of the misdirected parcels. It is a quarry in Wales where they then set fire to them and dance around the flames. It must be true I read it on their facebook page

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What did you declare as the value of the missing package?

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Hi, I have checked and it has not been received by the sender (although it's been sent back a month ago).
I do not recall any value having been declared, i don't think that was an option.
There was just the insurance which was up to 300 euros. I know how this forum feels about those but this was for additional peace of mind in case things got broken. I never thought a 20kg package could be lost but I was naive.
I will check again if any mention of value was made during the sending process.
Thank you for your help!

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Edit: There was no way to declare value while sending the package.

Edited by orangebox

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