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Car Purchased with a number of issues

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Back in September I changed my car. 

When I left the garage the air con wasn't working. 


I rang the garage up and I said I would get my son to have a look at it (because he is a mechanic). 

He couldn't see anything wrong with it and said perhaps the gas needed replacing. 

The garage told me that the gas was fine when it was checked. 


After this happened a number of issues started to appear, warning light about a flat tyre on the front left. 

Suspension warning light service kept coming up on the dashboard. 

A whining noise appeared from the power steering and a really loud clunking noise from the central locking.


Having had Fords for 10 years, I have had more issues with my new car in the 3 weeks of having the vehicle than I have in the 3 Fords that I had across 10 years! 

As you can imagine I have not been impressed.


I took the car back to the dealer (this is a second hand car dealer, not a main dealer),

they ran another service (apparently a service was done before they sold the car to me, but I am not convinced!). 


They fixed the tyre pressure warning light and also the suspension warning light and said that the air con had a cracked pipe and needed replacing. 

The pipe was ordered from Vauxhall and I was told that the car would be booked into my local garage, so that I didn't need to make the 3 hour drive back to them to have it fixed.


The local garage called me and stated that they were only looking at the vehicle and not fixing it and that if any monies were due then they would hold the car until payment had been received.  They said that the second hand car dealer didn't have an account with them I would be having to pay! 


I went back to the second hand car dealer to state this and that the car wouldn't be looked at and I was not paying for any works to be done to the vehicle, given the car was still under warranty for another year and I had clearly bought this car with all these faults brewing and the dealership hadn't found any of these out!


Another week passed and I'd heard nothing from where I purchased the car, I chased them up. 

They said they had called me and left a VM and the car was booked back in. 

They had rang the wrong number and admitted this because I had not received any messages from them. 

I missed this slot because they had left a VM on the wrong number. 


Another week went by and the whining on the power steering was getting louder and happening more often. 

I rang back the garage and told them that if they didn't fix the car I would reject it and they could have it back.


I was told that the guy I needed to speak to was on holiday for 2 weeks, and that nothing could be done until 3 days later when a service guy was also back from annual leave. 


This guy rang me on the Friday and said he would get the car booked into the local Vauxhall garage to look at the cracked pipe, the power steering and the clunking on the alarm central locking.  Again, he had rang me on the Saturday and left a VM on a wrong number! 

I chased it up on Monday to find out what was happening, because as you can imagine, I was losing my patience.


The car was finally booked in last week (some 6 weeks after purchasing this vehicle), to find that a new pipe is needed for the air con, the power steering pump needs replacing and the actuator on the central locking has gone and also need changing!  The vehicle is booked into the garage to have all this work done on the 12th/13th November.


I have never had so many issues with a car purchased before and given the car is only 2 years old, you wouldn't expect this! 


Luckily the work that needs doing is covered under the 3 year warranty, however, it wouldn't have cost me a penny anyway.


My question is;

I paid asking price for this car, I have had 6-8 weeks of constant chasing of what is going on, having to get the car to the garage, taking the time out of work to drop the car off/pick it up etc.  It looks like the repairs are covered under the warranty and therefore not going to cost the second hand dealer a single penny! 


I am wondering whether I have a right to ask for some compensation for this whether it be a refund via cash or a payment made off the finance for the car?


I may not have a leg to stand on, but I thought I would ask the friendly advice of this forum :-)



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You can take them to the small claims court if you wanted. You’d have to list out all of the costs you incurred, what you have done to mitigate these costs (for example if you’re claiming for a taxi receipt you need to demonstrate you couldn’t take the bus) and then file a money claim. Ask yourself if this is worth the aggravation. If it is, go for it.  

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