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Device already used and odd in store interaction ***Resolved***

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The Saturday just gone I was visiting London and stopped at the Shepards Bush store as I have been wanting to get a new tablet. 


Go in and speak with someone about the s5e,

they go and check the stock room and come out and say they only have one but she had spoken to the manager and they could do it for £27 PM instead of the advertised £37 for 20GB.


I thought that was a good deal and asked if I could use my perks code but she said as I was having the managers code applied I couldn't use mine but fair enough I had already got a discount (I now realised my perks discount would have actually been a better rate.)


We go through the paperwork and she put the tablet in the bag with a receipt and hands it too me and I walk out. 


Something kept telling me the whole process didn't seem right and looking at the receipt I could only see the 10% existing customers discount.


I called up EE support and one of the security questions was "where was your last purchase made"

I told her it was 15 minutes ago at the Shepards Bush and it was in store,


her reply was "are you sure it wasn't online" and I explained again I had just been into the store to get it and not online,

anyway she asked me again "are you sure."

At this point I'm thinking something has gone wrong.


after a couple minutes she tells me I have failed the security check and I will have to go in store,

by this time I'm on the way back to the tube as I had a train to catch to make the 2 hour journey home.


Once I get on the train I call again and speak to someone who asked a different set of questions that I passed.

I asked what my monthly payment was only to be told it was £37,

I explain what went on and he double checked and had a supervisor check and no nothing additional had been applied to my account.

No bother as I had my perks code I could still add and I was happy with that,

they added it with no issues.

I get home leave the tablet in the ee bag


today as I didn't want to take it out till my screen protector and case turned up as I am quite anal when it comes to scratches and marks.

they turn up I get the box and ready to set the device up


I open the box and think to myself wait the security seal had been broken

(I have in the past had the device opened in front of me to show me the content.)

This didn't happen this time round so I was a bit annoyed.


I take the charger out and notice some marks on it and no normal plastic cover and think has this been returned at some point,

carry on opening the content and get the tablet out the little material bag it comes in


it has finger and palm print all over the screen and some smearing,

at this point I'm getting more and more frustrated as I have purchased a new device that has clearly been used at some point.


I had a quick look at the returns information as both times on the phone I was told I had a 14 day cooling off period

I thought to myself that I could just return it as it isn't as described ie not a new device,


however now looking online this only applies to out of premises purchases,

luckily I record my calls now due to something else happening that could have been proved by the interaction I had over the phone.


At no point were any terms and conditions shown to me or read out,

I was asked to sign one e-document that stated the costs,

and as I went to press does the customer agree to these conditions she took the tablet away and said its OK no need to do that. 


Where do I stand with this?

I still want the device but I don't want a used one with finger prints and marks on it


I want to know why what was promised didn't happen and why my last purchase didn't show up as an in store transaction. 

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Your consumer rights for returning goods falls under the Consumer Rights Act The Consumer Rights Act gives you the statuary right to return something and get your money back if it's faulty.


You can only return store-bought non-faulty goods for an exchange or refund if the retailer has a returns policy. 


We could do with some help from you.



 Have we helped you ...?         Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group


If you want advice on your thread please PM me a link to your thread

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Been down to my local store today, asked if they had any in stock before asking about exchanging the opened one and they said they had a few. He goes to grab it comes out and I then mentioned about the return and they said they could do it no problem.


The thing is as they had assumed I wanted to take out a new contract it looks like they grabbed another open one so I am going to speculate that they open tablets to either demo or use and then the next person that wants one get the most recent open one etc.


Knowing I was returning it due to the smudges and smears on the screen he then offered to get another one out the back and this time it was sealed, filled out a return form and all sorted in about 10 minutes.


Side note - when I failed the security question about my last purchase it was due to this one not being updated on the system yet BUT it showed that I took my last phone contract out (3 months ago) in Carphone Warehouse, this isn't the case I took it out direct with EE as I used their offer to drop the upfront cost when trading in a selected Samsung phone and also my Perks discount. The Carphone WH store is literally across from the EE store you can see it from the window. Is this something I should be worried about ?

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