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Asking for a Mandatory Reconsideration via post always call 7-10 days or it might not be assigned.

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There's a bit of a storm brewing with DWP post handling sites in meltdown but also with PIP Mandys. It may also spread so beware and if you can call the relevant benefit helpline if you have no notification after 10 days. 


Basics are PIP seam to be operating it doesn't exist until and will only be assigned to the Mandy queue once you telephone the help line. 


 My experience with my 1st PIP Mandy (0 Points after DLA Conversion) - Sent off my PIP mandy request (with proof of posting) 3/10/19 - forgot about it until I read rightsnet so called on the 23/10/19 and although my request had been received a while ago it wasn't until I phoned the PIP helpline number and asked about it was it picked up and allocated to the correct pile to be seen. PIP send out text messages when actions occur and mine arrived when I was still on the phone to them.  

So my 10 weeks (their estimate for a response) to my mandy response only started from 23/10 and not from when it was received. It had Formal Request for a Mandatory Reconsideration in big bold letters on the top so not exactly ambiguous on what it was either. 


Have a read of this which confirms my experience this morning.


There's also been issues with the post handling sites and also with the HMC&TS online appeal registering service not actually registering your online appeal 

Post sites here https://www.rightsnet.org.uk/forums/viewthread/15037/



In other news I my PIP Mandy might have just broken a World record as I was awarded SDL PIP in a letter dated the 25/10 Only 8 points and still 0 for Mobility - so I may have to mandy this current decision. Tough call this one as SDL + SDP on my ESA is it worth risking the whole award for an extra £20?

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What is a 'PIP Mandy'?


What is a 'Mandy Recon'?


On this occasion I'm not being difficult, I have LPOA for a disabled relative with a DLA to PIP transfer in progress.

The DWP say they haven't received our submission yet.



40 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:

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Oh, thanks.


And I suppose a 'Recon' is reconsideration.


Makes a bit more sense.


Hopefully our written submission will achieve 12 points or more........................................... 



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40 years at the pointy end of the motor trade. :eek:

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