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My son purchased a suitcase on the 13th October 2019 from Bags 4 u retail shop in our local shopping Center    Cost £ 30.00. 


 Used it once and found that the cogs on the lock were broken and would not turn to open the lock. 

Tried to return it for a refund as it was faulty. 

 They refused a refund even though it was well within the 30 days.


We phoned a mobile number the lady in the shop had given us. 

We were again told no refund and there was nothing we could do. 

They told us we could do what ever we liked, contact who we liked we were still not getting a refund.


I have checked the company name out but cannot find an address to write to formally recorded delivery , as instructed by Trading standards. 


There are only mobile numbers and now they do not answer our calls. 

Looked on some local reviews for them. 

They were not good. 

Some say they were selling used goods but selling them as new. 


 They were very rude and aggressive when we asked for a refund,  so do not know where to go from here. 


Any advice welcome on my next move. 


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the Shop must refund..nothing to do with anyone or where else

its under 30 days.


if he paid by debit card

do a chargeback through his bank


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report to local trading standards. tyhis wont get you your money back but they may decide to prosecute if they had had enough of these people.

A friend of mine had trouble with a brand new car and the importers and dealership wuldnt do anything so he paid some unemployed peopel to stand outside the forcourt with placards saying what a rotten company and shoddy vehicle it was etc. let the local press know and he soon gat a phone call offering to discuss the matter. He insisted on a replacemet before he would agree to call of the placard wavers.


Now a car costs a lot so worth his while paying a few people a samll amount to do this and not woth doing it for £30 BUT a small amount of time spent ridiculing them will get a lot of publicity via people's cameras and mobile media. think of a suitable fancy dress theme and get a couple of friend/relatives to do the same and pitch up on a busy friday or saturday and see if they want more of the same next week.

The people must move about a bit or might get warned by the police for obstruction.

Factual placards only but you can mention refusal to obey thelaw and aggressive staff


have a good moan at the shopping centre manager as well and let them know what you are up to. They will know more about the tenant's activites so may well tell them to behave properly on pain of being booted out

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