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    • You misunderstood how long does bt have to produce the requested d ocs here?    Agreement start date: 19/06/2014 • Application address: Flat 4, 3 Kempsford Gardens • Tariff Description: Phone BB Hardware • Disconnect Reason: Cessation by BT • Original Creditor: BT Retail Consumer • Mobile Number:02078351401 ( this is a landline ) • Client last payment date: 16/12/2014 • Client last payment value: 86.16 this is not £499.00  • Default date: 27/08/2015, this doesn't square with last pay date.  • Airtime Debt Value:257.94 • Early Terminate Fee:241.99, can they charge this?  • Billing Date:27/03/15 If no response within statutory time,  what can i do to get lowell remove credit report? Can you explain the implications of the response and the  SAR as far as Lowell being able to collect the debt? - they can ask or issue PAPLOC/courtclaim.  I attached the sar is this enuf info to prove lowell has any legal rights?  
    • I don’t see all the posts on this thread, so don’t know if there is a context in which HB is posting / replying, but it is always a pleasure to respond to HB.   The issue the experts raise in that article is that passengers aren’t being offered the opportunity to “disembark and go into quarantine”. ‘Preventing travellers disembarking and travelling without restriction’ has been permissible for a long time : the phrase ‘quarantine’ arises from the 40 days people were quarantined from vessels approaching Venice in the 14th Century. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/historyquarantine.html   What you would wish to avoid is “importing new susceptibles”.   Cruise lines have established policies for these situations : norovirus outbreaks are a problem for cruise, lines based on similar transmission dynamics (large droplet spread contaminating shared areas), with control measures including enhanced environmental cleaning and restricting passenger cases to their cabins.   Crew are a different story, as they live in much higher density cabins. My expectation is that affected crew will be ‘cohorted’ in an “infected crew cabin”. Air conditioning shouldn’t be an issue, as the virus isn’t spread by ‘aerosol’ (like flu), but by droplet. Plumbing would be more of a concern (as it was with SARS) https://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2003/pr70/en/   until more is known of Covid-2019’s transmission and infect I ITU. Sampling for those meeting the case definition initially included urine and stools samples. This was never realistically going to happen for the majority of those meeting the case definition (as few will be admitted to hospital, and if seen in A&E and not needing admission they’ll be sent home ASAP) For those admitted, the stool and urine would have had to be collected & sent in the period before the initial test result came back : negative & there would be no need, positive (and needing to be in hospital)  and they’d be whisked off to one of the specialist units.....   Perhaps in recognition of this, the initial test set no longer includes stool and urine.   For the confirmed positives (9 so far....) the reference lab advises on ongoing sampling : they say “we’ll tell you what to send and when”, so it isn’t clear if they are asking for stool and / or urine, and if so, when ; either from the specialist units, or the recovered cases (at home).
    • they told her the documents  will be sent to her and far as know signed nothing, have just tried talking to her and tbh  think she may have been s c a m e d ? I can not find anything on this company , all the money she sent them was bank transfer, no idea how she did it tbh , I am only someone who knows her but  from what she said  she sent them money for insurance, first installment and couple of other payments, so basically     taking what money she had. She has checked her account and nothing as yet  paid in, the gave her a  transaction number
    • Yes, that should have said "some" gas boilers have a pilot flame on all of the time.   I do wonder about these smart meters.  I have refused to have one installed and won't until I am satisfied that some of the issues have been resolved.
    • It is that it? No email address or number?  the mobile number of the guy who sold me the car is appearing in search for car business. Looks like these guys move around a bit?   i still have that mobile number, I might send a txt or call tomorrow. I really need my service manual. The car is ejecting blue smoke out the back, it was on previous MOTs and clearly not fixed. I actually love the car, just need my documentation and an honest answer about its “full service” so I can pay a trusted garage to fix and repair. Hopefully!   thanks dexter
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Phoenix Bailiffs clamped car for unknown PCN, had to pay+fees - DVLA failed to update v5c

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Sorry, this is a rather long post, please bear with me. 


I have received a PCN that I was blissfully unaware of because I 've moved.

The DVLA did not update my record. 


An enforcement letter came at my new address.

I was shocked because again I knew nothing of the original letter.


I then rang Richmond Council and was told its out of their hands and was told to fill in a PE2 and P3 form to challenge it.

the entire amount was £278.


I've made a payment of £65.00 which is the value of the original ticket.

They have obviously added various fees on.


I've done this with the intention of paying the balance whilst applying via the court to challenge it.

This was paid less than 10 days ago.


On 30th October 2019,

I have receive a notice from the bailiff company Phoenix Commercial Collection that they've attended my property, don't ignore the notice, I had no intention of doing so.


At 6:15am the following morning on the 31st, I can hear someone ringing my door bell.

I assumed it was a neighbour alerting me of an issue..


I got out of bed, there was 2 Bailiffs standing at my door demanding I pay £448.00 or they will remove items from my flat.

He has also informed me that my car has been clamped 'just in case'.


Since I already made a payment less than 10 days ago, when I made the payment via 24 hr payment, at no point I was asked to pay it in full.


Can someone please help me how to proceed a get my money back. 



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when did you put in the forms

it usually takes a few days for it to go thru from the council to the bailiffs to hold enforcement.


have you written proof you informed DVLA?

if so should eventually workout ok and your fees should be returned.



please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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Thanks so much for your response.


I'm concerned because I don't have any proof.


You expect the DVLA to just update it without thinking too much about the process.


The scary part is that address was from about 3 years ago.


This concerns me and wondering how to go about proving this. 



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yes there is your problem

prove you told the DVLA

its very well known the DVLA lost 1000's of letters a week.


was the address from 3yrs ago the only one from then till now?

could you have done your driving licence at the sametime?


please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..


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