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highview parking Sainsburys Wandsworth- why you dont give in

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A friend of mine got a demand from Highview parking for being in Sainsburys, Garratt Lane and asked what to do about it. I told him to ask sainsburys CS peopel to cancel it as the system there is almost incomprehensible. What you are supposed to do is pay to park, do your shopping and reclaim the parking money from the checkout. This is not explained on the main signs and to my mind create a rather strange contract that isnt enforceable du to the peculiar conditions that arent shown on signage outside the store.

he did as suggested but sainsburys CS said he should take the matter up with Highview.

i suggested the he get on to the CEO complaint team ans he did but they said sorry, not our car park.

he gave me permission to intercede on his behalf andf I pointed out that it was their land, the Highview  contract for parking is pants and more importantly no PP has been grnated for their sigange and equipment. Furhter to thsi sainsbrys have NO planning consent to the changes of the layout and the removal of barriers etc  that PP was granted for in 2000 so they were in trouble as their actions are illegal and the council could close the store until the correct permissions are applied for and granted.

the lady said she would speak to their parking guru and later that day wrote to my friend to tell him the charge had been cancelled.


now things to learn from this- never give up with the supermarket chain regardless of who tells you no.

Give them reasons to worry- illegality by them and the parking co wouild sink any claim and allow a motorist to counterclaim against the store as well as the parking co because of the nature of the demand that you obtain a refund (that is less than the maximum parking fee) from the store itself. the signage at this site is rubbish and doesnt offer a contract  and one of the signs states that you mustnt pay or you will be in breach of contract so the wording would be dismissed as confusing to say the least.

I made it clear that all I wanted was my friends charge recinded, not to take on the world but would do so if I had to. This makes it easier for them to say yes. I also made it clear that as a shareholder I may very well choose other avenues to raise this in a more public way so again use of the social media may well get their attention.

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