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lowell and telecom debt

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Hi I'm hoping I can get some sound advice regarding this before it gets legal.

I recently received a letter from a DCA threatening court action over a telecomunications account I don't remember taking out.

The debt they claim is 5 years old.

Upon receiving the letter I decided to challenge the debt and sent them a prove it letter in standard template form.

I received a reply back a month ago stating the telephone number and the cost of the debt.

the DCA also stated that they would apply from the original creditor for a statement.

Today I received another letter from the DCA.

In the letter it has stated.
We have enclosed documentation from ..............
We have included a FAQ sheet.
The documentation sent was a print screen off a computer of some random numbers and a few dates.

there is no official statement nor any address or name (or phone number) on this so called documentation.


In fact it could belong to anyone it has no solid connection to me or even the phone contract their referring too.
In the FAQ sheet it says


Why have I not been sent the statements for the dates requested ?

The original creditor has only been able to provide the enclosed statements , this may be because of the time that has passed since we purchased the account , or, due to the age of the account

How can I reply to this letter without admitting any liability.

The documentation I believe is not valid proof I owe the debt.


Could you please advise me if this is a acceptable form of proof.


Can i reply back stating that and threatening to contact the financial ombudsman ?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Thread title updated


thought we advised you years ago to forget the  stupid prove it letter

simply invites pointless letter tennis.


who's the dca Lowells?





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Hi Dx you did indeed advise me to avoid this method.

However I've had success in the past and had defaults removed and debts written off without waiting for it to go legal.

The DCA is indeed Lowells.


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ignore them until or unless you get a letter of claim.





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