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today I stupidly tried to take a pair of headphones from tkmaxx, as I'm a student & tight for money.

I'm not looking for sympathy & I know it doesn't excuse it, but I was caught,


returned the item on the spot & was told by the ununiformed security that I would be banned from all tkmaxx stores.

This has me somewhat confused, as from reading other cases I can see that there are forms that are supposed to be completed for acknowledgement of the ban etc.

yet this security guard didn't even take my name.


As such I want to know how they expect to enforce this ban,

as I don't think that they could enforce this without distribution of my picture which I haven't given permission for.


Can anyone advise on what to do?? 

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Hello and welcome to CAG.


I think it would probably be best to stay away from that branch of TKMaxx. We have plenty of threads here about their security people that you can read.


It may be that it's gone your way this time, but if you continue to shoplift it won't end well. Treat this as a learning experience, stop stealing and move on. If you have mental issues you think led you to shoplift, then you need a chat with your GP.


Best, HB

Illegitimi non carborundum




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they dont need your permisison to circulate your picture within their stores

but in this instance you can bet that the person will be keeping an eye out for you for a while and if the store is in a shopping centre you may well find yourself escorted out and banned from the whole lot if you are foolish enough to try it on.


you have been given an opportunity to get on with your life that has no recoed,

take that as a plus and make sure that you can afford the things you desire before you think that your deserve them

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