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A New Diet Book - Seems to shed light on what has been happening with our food !

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I subscribe to a company called Audible - they are owned by Amazon and they provide audio books. I work as an HGV driver and so I find listening to a book is great for swallowing up the long distances being travelled on the road.


Quite recently, I bought a book and it is proving to be an eye opener in relation to the subject of weight loss. One of its main topics is to discover why so many of us are 'obese'. In the book the author (who seems to be a respected Doctor and researcher) goes on to say that the human body itself is responsible for gaining weight and it is not because of people with low willpower. It also shines a light on what food companies have been doing over the last 40 or so years which has contributed to the existing obsity problem.


I put it out here because I think it would be a great read or listen for those, who like me want to lose weight and keep it off.


It may be better to obtain the printed copy of the book because there seems to be graphs and pictures which I am not able to view because its an audio book.


The book is called: The Obesity Code Unlocking the Secrets of Weightloss by Dr Jason Fung.


I have not finished the book yet so I have not got to the conclusions bit but I notice by doing an Amazon search that there is also an Obsity Code Cookbook so that will be my next purchase.


I will say that what I have heard from the book so far, it seems very balanced and it looks like common sense mixed in with practical advice which will undoubtedly help a lot of people.


I will let you all make up your own minds about it though.





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