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    • Also - as per post #10 - the original cc was given whilst having full knowledge friend was overseas.   Can friend now apply to have claim set aside on those grounds?   The 1st Claimant (The managing agents chasing service charge arrears) assumed friend had a lawyer - and sent papers to a lawyer the friend had used once.  But lawyer was not instructed and hadn't been for more than 1y.  Both claimants, agents and bank, knew friend was overseas and unrepresented.  
    • Background:-  Tenant in arrears for two months with no sign of future payments.  Notice served and a CCJ awarded.(£1750)  Still no payment received so a Attachment of earnings served. Court advised this will be sorted this week after no response from defendant. In the meantime, the debt has increased to (£3300) whilst I am going through the possession order / warrant and the  bailiff process.   Can anyone advise on how to obtain the rest of the debt which by the time he leaves in January will escalate to nearly £4000? is it a case of serving notice and going for another CCJ & AoE?   any help is appreciated.        
    • Hello Yes - it does say that.   But originally - start of year - a judge ordered that the general form of judgment or order "hearing adjourned generally, with permission to restore and the claim be struck out if no request to restore is received by x date". As friend hadn't paid mortgage payments by x date the bank actioned the " request to restore".   Friend knew nothing about this until after the event - and the judge that heard bank's request agreed to reopen the claim.  As such there was a possession hearing date set for soon y date.  Friend has paid the arrears in full.  I'm a bit confused - a possession hearing isn't yet an order for possession - is it?    Can't friend revert to original judge's comment saying "claim be struck out"?? (Cos the reason for the claim (non-payment) has been settled)
    • I am in a similar position and I am learning all the time on what to do. Firstly, make sure the deposit regardless of how much you received is in a safe deposit scheme. Secondly, they need to be constantly late or 2 months / 8 weeks behind before you can start a Section 8 eviction notice. Otherwise its a section 21 notice but this can only be served after 4 months of tenancy. Its costly but its worth getting a solicitor to start the process .around £500 plus court fees which these are added to the debt. you can di it online yourself but everything has to be perfect with regards to the form filling otherwise it may get rejected or thrown out at court. I was lucky with mine even though it was only a very minor paperwork issue which wasn't noticed by the judge. Getting to court takes around 5-8 weeks and even then, if they bring themselves within the 2 months amount then they will reject the case. hope this helps a bit.  
    • if you are thinking about one. Ensure your supplier is using SMETS2 versions. Those are comparable across suppliers. SMETS1 ( the original ones) require some updates to infrastructure to reconnect. This should be fairly soon.  If you are fairly careful with your usage, you are unlikely to save anything on use. The benefit is down to auto reading.    I'm very surprised the operator is trying to tie you in for 2 years. I did not think they could do that. The government have set targets for them and have recently stretched that out, so putting restrictions in place seems odd.    Also for note, smart meters do have the ability to accept a remote off signal
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Ryan Air Flight Delay

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I would appreciate some advice if possible.

Daughter was recently returning from Alicante to Leeds Bradford with Ryan Air and her flight was delayed for just over 5 hours.

I accept the weather around Alicante that night was very bad, and many flights delayed, also Ryan Air were very forthcoming with letters confirming the length of the delay advising the passengers this was to assist them with claims via their travel insurers.

I assume from this that Rayan Air will claim the bad weather constitutes exceptional circumstances and they are not liable to pay compensation.

Only thing is during the time my daughter was delayed Ryan Air had other flights returning to the UK which took off on time, in fact my daughter and other passengers were made to vacate the gate where they were waiting to allow one of these flights to board.

Basically, is it worth submitting a compensation claim or would I be wasting everyone’s time?

Many thanks



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did she have insurance? of so claim from that first.

If not yes, claim and see what they say. Ryanair think the law doesnt apply to them anyway so dont expect them to fall over themselves in the rush to pay up.

Read up on what are exceptional circumstances, volcanoes in Iceland werent. Bad weather is but you have already said that flights were leaving Alicante so delays due to planses being in the wrong palce AFTER bad weather event wont win them the get out og jail free card

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Thanks EB


She did have insurance so I will check out the T&Cs and come back




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