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Court action threat

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Good morning, I was contacted by a legal firm acting for a firm I owe £850 to.


i don’t dispute I owe the money and would like to pay it back but I am disabled and lost my job a year or so ago.

I offered the company at the time to make payments and was refused ,

I have offered the legal firm payments,


they have responded that at the rate I have offered it will take over three years to clear, and unless I agree to pay over £200 a month, they are taking me to court in seven days, and I will have my house visited by sheriffs officers.


i am frightened and do not know where to turn next.

i only offered £25 a month which s all I am left with per month on benefits,

I have no savings or assets. 

Please help

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Write again, stressing that:

a) you have made a reasonable offer

b) you cannot get “blood from a stone”

c) if they persist with court action you will bring their rejection of your reasonable offer to the attention of the court as the court may take it into account when deciding regarding costs

d) the court might choose to make their client liable for costs and / or set an even lower repayment instalment (as the £25/month you have offered leaves you with nothing left to save for emergencies, the court could set an even lower sum)

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sheriff officers are no big deal

its simply that in Scotland court papers must be delivered by hand.


as for the willy waving

let them do it

stick to your guns!!


there is a time to pay pack in the court bundle that you fill out

they cant refuse it then.


tell use about the debt please

and how much



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