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Hi All,

I would appreciate  a little bit of advice.


I parked in an  NCP car park on  a quiet Sunday afternoon and did not pay the parking charge due to the machine not working. 


When presented, many months later with a £100 parking charge, I appealed and they turned me down, without even addressing my specific concerns.

I have just now taken my appeal to POPLA, but am not confident that they will help.


From what I have read online, it seems that these NCP people are chancing their arm by asking me to pay £100 charge.


If it goes against me, I will be tempted to send them a cheque for £3 to cover the fee and tell them to go forth and multiply. 


Am I correct in saying that they are unlikely to start civil procedures against me?


I would welcome views on this, please.

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always better not to appeal in 9/10 cases as you shoot yourself in the foot by ID'ing yourself as the driver and lose what protection you had under POFA..

please complete this:

and scan up their NTD BOTHSIDES to ONE multipage PDF

after carefully reading upload guide.

also post up the appeal you sent

and their response.


they will know their machine was not working but are just trying to fleece you 


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The car was on lease and the leasing co have already grassed me up, so to speak!  

I guess it is probably best to wait and see what POPLA have to say and then decide on strategy,  

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beware of lease co's, they tend to add charges to your bill for forwarding the letters even if you eventually bat away the parking charge

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