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    • **IMPORTANT**   Your first request to a company for information is never chargeable. It is only subsequent requests that are chargeable if there is no fault on part of the Data Holder (IE - They included everything but you have requested more that should have been requested 1st time round.)
    • Can I see the loan docs? It should have a company number and everything. Remove personal info.
    • Vollah - Fill me in and send SAE & Email the below;       Jes is big boss. Matt is head of UK Retail Banking. Michael is head of Compliance and will have a vested interest to resolve this for you as Barclays havent been compliant.    Caroline is head of the FOS - She should also be notified so it gets filtered down to her lower teams.    You are done messing around at this point. However do NOT send this unless you are prepared to go Legal on it. Barclays LOC.docx
    • she  has just shown me the loan agreement  and the company is regulated, all laid out      decide on the best value. The APR takes into account interest as well as fees and charges. TYPICAL APR: A "typical" APR is the APR offered to two-thirds (7.8%) of borrowers. The actual APR you are charged is subject to status so you might not qualify for the typical APR The lender will assess your circumstances, such as your income, how much you can afford to repay, the relative security of your job, whether you're on the electoral roll and your credit history. CENTRAL LOAN typical APRs are as follows: Secured loans – typical 2.82% - 5.62% APR FIXED Unsecured loans – typical 5.60% - 17.60% APR FIXED Undertaking:   I told her to sort it out herself as got enough to do myself, sorry
    • I'm a little confused. You have told us that you served an SAR on 9 January and you have heard nothing other than acknowledgement until yesterday when they told you that there was going to be a delay. However, elsewhere you have told us that they contacted you and demanded a £10 fee. Please could you clarify this.   I see that you have made a complaint to the ICO.  The only problem is that since GDPR, the timescales for the ICO dealing with consumer complaints has increased catastrophically.   If you make a complaint to the ICO, you will have to break their arms in order to get a reference number and then eventually when you do, they will then inform you that after the issue of the reference number it will take anything from six weeks to 3 months before the complaint is even allocated to an investigator.   Before GDPR there was a much smaller level of complaint, you would normally get an email within six weeks expressing an opinion that such and such company were unlikely to have complied with their data protection obligations.   Personally I think the GDPR has backfired. I don't think it has changed anything other than opened a deluge of complaints to the ICO which because the ICO is under-resourced, has played into the hands of the companies because they are even less worried than before about complaints being made about them because by the time the complaint is looked at, the complainant is fed up or has forgotten about it and anyway, or the matter they are dealing with such as a complaint against a bank or against a utility company has moved on.      
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Cost of duplicate damp course certificate?

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We are in the process of selling our house and the buyers solicitor has asked for proof of work that we had carried out which included damp proofing and cavity wall ties , i have the original quote but cannot find the guarantees as this work was carried out a very long time ago, so i contacted the company that did the work to see if they still have record of the work which they do and were more than happy to supply me with copies for ......£120 😳as you can imagine i said thanls but no thanks even my solocitor was gobsmacked is this the going rate ?? For a couple of bits of paper ? Surley its slightly excessive 

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Yes it is excessive and I don't think you have any choice other than to pay up.


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Most guarantees are not transferable anyway to the new owner so why a solicitor should request it is pointless.The quotes should suffice to prove the work was carried out.



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if the guarantee is covered by a trade association scheme they will have the reference for it, as is the case for replacement windows and the FENSA scheme that automatically  gives the nod for the building regs notice requirement.

The other way fo going about this is to ask for a copy of all the data they hold on you and the job under the GDPR. Even if they wont send you a copy of the guarantee you will get copies of the paperwork saying who did what and when and they will have to stand by their work.

If they dotn provide the data you say that you are makinga  claim against them under the guarnatee scheme and want them to come round and inspect/ remediate you problems at that will force them to write to you denying there are any problems.

Alternatively it is unlikely that the purchaser has any idea that their solicitors are delaying the purchase wrangling over a bit of worthless paper so you could tell them that you are minded to withdraw frok the sale if this is the only sticking point.


dont let the lawyers get in the way of the smooth running of the tansfer, they ahve a habit of demanding things that you wouldnt be slightly  interested in anyway. My solicitor wrote to the peopel I was buying teh house from demanding indemnity insurance against breach of covenant that affected a field wall that was demolished in 1928 and the house was built in 1959 so hwo that got dug up is beyoond me > after a complaint I was awarded £200 refund of my fees. try and see if this is just the sold ot the mortgage provieder doing the box ticking and you may well get the whole thing dropped in no time

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