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Wondering if you have any updates on this? 


Been in Canada for 3 years - been paying back UK debt and SLC. 


Its crippling me with the currency conversion.  

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Just a couple more questions.... 


A local one in Canada or UK? 

Has it effected your Canadian credit? 

Are your parents recieving letters at their address? 


I don't want to screw up both credit files and I don't particularly want my mum ringing up telling me some Goon has tried to take her stuff 😂

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20 hours ago, poutine said:


Not sure what you mean "local" in Canada or UK? All my debt is in the UK.


If you're here on a permanent visa, that is PR or something that even leads to PR then I would just stop paying them once you have told them that you are no longer in the UK. I left behind over 20 grand in credit card debt and 15 grand in SLC debt and they have not taken any action other than letters and phone calls in the last 5 years.


My only regret is making payments the first 2 years I was here. I should have stopped paying immediately as then I would have been able to buy a house sooner.


Parents received letters until I updated my address and now they no longer get anything.


It doesn't affect your Canadian credit record (I have good credit in Canada).


I'm a citizen here now and have no intention of returning to the UK.

My apologies. 


When you said "local debt collection" I was trying to understand what you meant by "local."


I now assume you meant local in the UK and not local in Canada. 


I'm just trying to get reassurance that it wont affect my Canadian credit as I want to buy a house next year. And you've reassured me so thank you very much. 


This obviously isnt the idea solution but with the pound dropping in value I'm having to find more dollars to cover it and unfortunately it's just crippling me here. 

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Have separated posts from another users thread to save it becoming confused.


Poutine further replied as follows:


"To clarify. The student loans company passed the debt to an Ontario based  debt collection company who hasn’t contacted me and who I would  ignore if they did as the debt isn’t recognized in Ontario.


Even if the debt was transferred to Canada it likely wouldn’t affect your Canadian rating. The system isn’t setup to log foreign debts. 

Edited 13 hours ago by poutine (see edit history)"
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I moved to Canada with loads of UK debt. Stuff all they can do to you, your Canadian Credit file will not be affected.

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