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    • I called the business centre that M&F were located at and they advised me to call BCWM, which I did.   A lady spoke to me and said she didn't have any information to hand so I'd have to email them my request. She asked me to provide as much info as possible including my full info so being vague might not be an option.   What do you think of me putting the following:   Dear XXX   It was lovely talking to you earlier. As discussed, my query is in relation to the following piece of land owned by M & F Finance (Ireland) Ltd, which I believe you manage:   Portwood Court, Great Portwood Street, Stockport, SK1 2ED (Title Number : MAN24187)   I have a possible impending legal matter that I'm investigating and therefore need to know who signed up Civil Enforcement Ltd (CEL) to manage the car park and whether CEL currently has legal permission to enter into contracts on your behalf.   Any information you can provide would be extremely appreciated.   Do you think this is okay? Should I just sign the email with my name but omit my address?
    • Hi there,   I just wanted to seek some advice as I've been sent a "Parking Charge Notice" for temporarily stopping outside the arrivals terminal at Southend Airport to pick up my disabled father, and now they want £60 off of me. I've appealed, which, as I expected, did nothing.  Should I just let the case go to court, as i feel I have a good defense. My Father is disabled due to the fact that he suffers from Peripheral Arterial Disease and Spinal Stenosis and can only walk short distances before his legs begin to seize up and turn to lead. This is why I had to temporarily stop for a short period outside the terminal. It was a cold, dark evening, pouring with rain, I didn't see any signs. My only concern was getting my Mother and Disabled Father out of the cold weather, into the car and off home.'   Any help appreciated, Thanks          
    • On the matter of the shed, I would move to have the lot replaced immediately. Inventory the contents of the shed, take photographs of their condition and then do what you can to deliver the contents of the shed to your parents. If you continue to keep their property – or at least property to which they are asserting title – on your land then this can only help them and be an encumbrance to you. Ideally you would instruct them to come along and collect it – but the easiest thing to do is simply to put it all into the back of the car or van or something and then to deliver it to your parents. Warn them that it is going to arrive and make sure it all arrives in good condition at a time when you know they are going to be in. Once it is taken to their property, photograph it again and inventory it again so that there are no queries later on. It will be a good idea if you have somebody with you to witness what goes on. If your parents have keys to anything else on your property such as the front door or a back garden door in order to access the shed, you should change those locks immediately and write your parents and tell them that the locks are now been changed, that their own keys will no longer fit and that they are not authorised to enter onto your property in any circumstances. However, I suggest that you deal with the contents of the shed first so that there are no suggestions that you are trying to hang on to some property which I suppose is of no interest to you  
    • People usually sell through estate agents near to where the property is located so try searching for 'estate agents near [postcode]' and go through the results to see if one jogs your memory. Likewise for solicitors.
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Hopefully the corect place for this question


I attend a specialist outpatient clinic at a local hospital for a blood disorder , totally under control , so the visits are about 8 months apart .

My last visit saw a change in how patients register attendance .


Previously you went to the clinic reception desk and checked in , now you are presented with a login screen .

The login is along the lines , post code , DOB, M/F and from that info it pretty much narrows it down to one person , ok so far.


Then , and this is where I have a problem with the system  ,

you are then presented with a screen showing all personal details , full name , address, GP details , Next of kin , all for confirmation .

This screen can be easily seen by anyone “shoulder surfing”.


Simple question , before I write and complain to CEO , is this a breach of GDPR and patient confidentiality

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Hi sparkey, I'm sorry you haven't had any replies.


I wonder if it's worth speaking to the Information Commissioner's Office, ICO, for more guidance.



Illegitimi non carborundum




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Thanks for advice .

I have spoken to the ICO , and their opinion is that there “may “ be cause for complaint .

In the first instance I should write to the hospital (CEO)citing GDPR, giving them 30 days to respond .

If the response is not to my satisfaction , then back to the ICO to raise a formal complaint .

The ICO also suggested copying in the GMC with the complaint , I feel at present that is one step too far , perhaps I will sit on that until I get a reply from the hospital.

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Our general hospital uses a similar system, but I don't think(?) it displays all your personal details for confirmation at the end of the process.  In fact I'm pretty sure that at the end of the process it displays only the last three or four digits of your 'phone number and you must confirm that this is correct. 


Also at my GP's surgery it only asks for date and month of birth together with the initial letter of your surname and then it displays "Thank you.  You are recorded as attending".


I would say what you describe is a sort of breach of data protection, but not sure how serious it might be.  (I can see no valid reason for displaying full name and address etc if other hospitals' systems don't).


Go to the website of the NHS Trust in question and see what their complaints process is.  There may be two different processes: one for "general complaints" and a separate one for data protection complaints (eg direct to the trust's data controller*).


Personally, I would complain down both routes.  Don't, whatever you do, get diverted down the PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) path as they won't be equipped to deal with this sort of issue.


As a former NHS manager I'd be interested to know what sort of reply you get.


FWIW I'm surprised(!) the ICO suggested complaining to the GMC as they won't be interested.  This isn't a medical staff issue - it's a trust data management issue.  (I'm really surprised at the ICO's suggestion on this - it's bonkers!).


*If you can't find out how to contact the Trust's data controller from their website, ring and ask them.


EDIT:  I wouldn't allow people to "shoulder surf" me.  Our trust makes it clear that people behind you have to stand behind a line so they can't see over your shoulder.  If anybody was standing directly behind me I would "politely" draw their attention to the notices and "ask" them to stand back.  If your hospital does not make this clear, that's another complaint...)

Edited by Manxman in exile

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If I copied anybody into your complaint it would be your local Care Commissioning Group, not the GMC...

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Thanks Manxman ,

I was only going to challenge the hospital in the first instance , but I will take on board what you say


Yes my GP has a login as you describe, minimal information


The hospital has a sort of I pad on a stand , no stand back line on the floor , so you feel the person behind you breathing down your neck .


As it was the first time I had used the sign in process ,

I was unprepared for the screen to show so much information ,

not the next time

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If you don't want to make a formal complaint then by all means challenge them eg "I'm concerned that the current automated booking in system could be seen as a potential data protection breach because blah...blah..."


Also suggest they put a line on the floor and put up notices asking people to respect others' privacy and confidentiality by standing behind it and not "surfing".


Let us know what sort of response you get.  I'm retired now but have a professional NHS interest in their reply.

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I have now received a formal reply from the Director of operations at the Hospital .


The reply is positive “You have raised some valid concerns “ and the hospital is acting on my complaint .

The hospital also apologised for the fact I needed  to complain.


The check in screens will now only show basic information ,name contact details with the option to continue to confirm other details etc ,if the patient choses not to continue , the screen can be cancelled and the check in done with reception , also privacy screens will be placed around the self check in .


In all a satisfactory conclusion , It’s a pity this could not have been foreseen when the system was introduced , but never mind .


As far as the treatment is concerned , could not be better  


Perhaps the mods could change the heading to resolved

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Thanks.  Good to know they've acknowledged that it could be a problem and are rectifying it.


As you say - fairly obvious so why didn't they think of it.


Well done.

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