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    • and the hard Brexiters wont accept anything but a complete break ... despite their apparent stance on US deal rule taking. ;-/  
    • Johnson is playing a pretty good game while the corbynistas continue to prove they are anything but with their  'more democratic party' where rules are changed when the Corbynistas break them, and they try to ensure that even if they lose, there people are in permanent positions when the hard working troops lose their jobs.   Corbyn allies ‘line up top jobs before new Labour leader is elected’ https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jan/26/corbyn-allies-line-up-top-jobs-before-new-leader-elected     Rebecca Long-Bailey broke Labour leadership rules but was cleared by Corbyn allies https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/rebecca-long-bailey-labour-leadership-rules-broken-corbyn-election-latest-a9300891.html         While Johnson consolidates his wins from Labour   https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/jan/26/northern-rail-to-be-renationalised-and-some-beeching-closures-reversed   " Blyth Valley, a former Labour stronghold in the north-east that turned Conservative in the election and presaged the collapse of the “red wall”, is likely to be among the first places to benefit from the reopening of passenger services. "
    • “Variola may have been introduced to humans through such a cross-species transfer” “It is closest in DNA sequence to camelpox virus, which causes smallpox-like disease in camels; both viruses are apparently descended from a recent common ancestor.” https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/38/6/882/321153   To re-read. Frankly anyone who thinks the WHO, CDC and UK Gov recommendation of 14 days is anything other than a sensible minimum, is a dangerous idiot IMO, particularly given the apparent extremely fast mutation rate being reported ...  and ability to jump species         Mutation of Smallpox **********************   "Clinical descriptions indicate that smallpox always had a high case-fatality rate until around the end of the 19th Century, when a more benign form of the disease, with a similar rash but much lower mortality rate, appeared in the Western Hemisphere. Less lethal types of smallpox were also noted in Africa, where they may have existed for some time [5]. These milder variants are now designated “variola minor,” in contrast to the traditional “variola major.” The genetic changes responsible for attenuation have not been identified. https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/38/6/882/321153   Interestingly cowpox was used as a relatively effective ‘vaccine’ against smallpox, and monkeypox seems to be ‘expanding’ to fill the nasty nitch that smallpox existed in. Note That although smallpox and monkeypox are often talked about in the same breath, and are often considered closely related, despite monkeypox, camelpox and Cowpox vaccines’ effectiveness against smallpox and each other, the genetics of smallpox and monkeypox have been examined and they are not believed to be actually genetically ‘related’. https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/monkeypox   … On the other hand Camelpox and Smallpox on more recent examination are believed to be VERY closely related: “Variola may have been introduced to humans through such a cross-species transfer” (like Coronavirus) It (smallpox) is closest in DNA sequence to camelpox virus, which causes smallpox-like disease in camels; ***** both viruses are apparently descended from a recent common ancestor.” "The appearance of variola minor may represent a stage in variola's adaptation to its human host." https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/38/6/882/321153       Possible sources of fresh smallpox outbreaks ************************************************ Lots of references say things like smallpox has been ‘entirely eliminated from the world’ when it clearly still exists. ‘Eradicated’ should be qualified as being ‘from the living human poplation. Even whether ‘carriers’ exist is unknown.   * ‘Officially’ (WHO approved) in 2 labs - which means little to weapons programs or nature itself - Accidents and misplacing links already supplied.   * Unofficially it is claimed to be held in other bio-weapons labs: Just two links of many: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_biological_weapons_program https://www.news-medical.net/health/Smallpox-Biological-Warfare.aspx   * Animal hosts and species jumping of genetically similar Virus like Camelpox.   * thousands of Inuit infected bodies across the melting areas of the melting Northern ice and peat bogs and tar pits around the world. http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20170504-there-are-diseases-hidden-in-ice-and-they-are-waking-up https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2018/01/24/575974220/are-there-zombie-viruses-in-the-thawing-permafrost?t=1580114743932     in the summer of 2016 a large anthrax outbreak struck Siberia. "A heat wave in the Arctic thawed a thick layer of the permafrost, and a bunch of reindeer carcasses started to warm up. The animals had died of anthrax, and as their bodies thawed, so did the bacteria. Anthrax spores spread across the tundra. Dozens of people were hospitalized, and a 12-year-old boy died.   On the surface, it looked as if zombie anthrax had somehow come back to life after being frozen for 70 years. What pathogen would be next? Smallpox? The 1918 flu?"      
    • Alleged offence 28/07/2019 SJPN Posting Date 17/01/2020    
    • Thank you .. I will give them a chase today ..
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Hi, Just wondering if any one can clarify my situation. 


I bought a sofa from SCS on the 13 July 19 with a lead time of 8 weeks. 

I told the salesperson that ideally it will need to be sooner than that and he wrote ASAP on the form and said that it should be with me within 6 weeks. 


Fast forward 12 1/2 weeks, we have decided to move home, the sofa is still not here. 

No call telling me that it had been delayed so my better half and I have decided that we no longer need it as we have found another. 


When I phoned up to cancel I was informed that it is now ready to deliver,

I told them I no longer require the sofa and I believe that after reading the back of the contract I am well within my rights to cancel.


Clause 6.2 states that If we do not deliver your Product within the estimated lead time plus 4 weeks(the Delivery period) then you can cancel your order in the following circumstances:We have refused to deliver the products; delivery within the delivery period was essential (taking into account all the relevant circumstances); or you told us before we accepted your order that delivery within the deadline was essential.


I stated that I would require the sofa ASAP and that was written on the contract in the Customer Earliest Take Date,

I am assuming that I am correct in my assumption and I can cancel the order,

but just want to clarify before I speak to the sales manager tomorrow when he calls me.


Thanks In Advance 

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Yes, on the basis of what you tell us, you are well within your rights.

Did you buy the sofa online or at their shop?


Incidentally, you should make sure that your cancellation is sent to them in writing – by email and also a follow-up letter – do that today. If you have any phone calls with them then you should read our customer services guide first and implement the advice there.

You are wandering into the kind of territory where you may agree things on the phone which are then later denied


Also, is it a stock sofa or was it made-to-measure in anyway?

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Hi BankFodder. 

Thanks for the reply.  


My wife and I bought the sofa direct from the shop but as it was not in stock we were told that it would take up to 6 weeks to be with us as it was coming from Italy, but the guy had to put an 8 week lead time as that was standard


. It was not made to measure as it is a standard size but it did have to be made


.  I will send an email now to back up my cancellation. 


Again thanks for the reply



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how did you pay? use the banking code to get the refund if SCS dont want to refund.


Now the "time is of the essence" clause is difficult to use, even though they ahve it in writing in their terms but as it is now past their time plus the delay added on bit they dotn ahve any reason to complain.

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