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PPI Claim / Resolve Loan

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I recently started a PPI claim against Barclays.


I then received a couple of letters asking me to verify my address or my claim would be stopped, as the address they held was an old address..

I called Barclays went through security questions and they told me that I couldnt verify my new address until I had called the "Telephony Team" as I had a "Resolve Account" with them + He did try to get me through another way by asking me another set of security questions


the first question was "how big is your overdraft" .

I repeated that I wasnt even aware that I still had an account with Barclays so really couldnt tell them what the overdraft on the "Resolve account" was  .

I added that I had not had an account with them for a very long time (Many years) and that I had never heard of a "Resolve Account".


I then called the "Telephony Team" and they told me that they could not verify my address either as they could not find any account under my name and until i could provide the "Resolve account" details ...


They then advised me to go into a local branch with ID (Passport etc)and that they would then release the account details to me.

I asked if this was Barclays way of delaying or preventing  my PPI claim but I obviously only got a repeat of the instructions to go into a local branch with ID.

Before I ended the call I asked what a resolve account was and she told me that it was a loan which may have been to consolodate debt.


This is further complicated by the fact that I lost a house during the last crash ( Barclays had arranged the mortgage with The Woolwich)  and have since (about 9 years ago) declared bankruptcy.


Being unaware of any outstanding "Resolve Account" I am unsure whether this "account - debt" was or should have been covered by my bankruptcy.


Hope you can help me with some advice.


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Apart from anything else, I would read our customer services guide and implement the advice there. Then try to have a similar conversation that this time you will have evidence.

Secondly I would send them an SAR giving them all the information you can including old account numbers et cetera. See with them produces.

It sounds unreasonable to me that they are asking these sorts of questions about a very old account. I suggest that you now go ahead and begin a formal complaint with them and tell them you want it escalated to the ombudsman because they are being unreasonably obstructive.

All of that for starters

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Thank you for your time and  advice + I will follow it and update.

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