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Vehicle Misrepresentation - By a Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd

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Hi And Thanks For Looking


I purchased a high mileage car with cash, I have only had the car 8 weeks with the car being off the road for most of the time,


I asked a Master Vehicle Technician from Mercedes to diagnose the reason why the car will not start, he found that the engines cam shaft gear has no teeth on it so the car will not move


, he told me that this is a very well known problem with this particular vehicle..

...which sadly I didn't know about......

.Its my wifes car and she loves it.......

.. and she wants the car repaired correctly.....

, currently I dont think its fit for purpose..

....what can I do ???


what are my rights please


Kind Regards



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In principle, within the first six months you have the right to insist on a repair and if the repair fails then a replacement or a refund of all your money.

This rights provided under the consumer rights act and I suggest that you write the company immediately and assert the right by telling them that this is what you want and that you are making the request under the consumer rights act.

However, it would be helpful if you tell us a bit more about the car – the mileage, the price, why it has been off the road so long, who has been dealing with it? What correspondence has been exchanged between you and the seller, who is the seller?

And also I'm struggling to understand why you've been here since 2010 and you've only just decided to come and ask for some advice when it would probably have been much more helpful if you had started making enquiries about this in the first week of ownership of the vehicle.

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Thank you for replying to my post, I have sent the trader Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd of Newport, Gwent outlining that I would like a Repair of the Vehicles engine and have mentioned the Consumer Rights Act 2015 in that letter as you have mentioned above thank you.


The vehicle is a Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor Sport,

the vehicle has a full independent Service History, and has a current MOT until 2020,

the vehicle has 145K mileage, 


I paid cash for the vehicle and have had a couple of niggles with the vehicle,

these being an electric mirror and headlight switch pack being faulty,

replaced the rear tyres due to the tread being on the legal limit,

I have paid for new brakes front discs being very poor, and brake pads all around,

the car has now been off the road for two weeks,

with ownership being only 8 weeks.


I have heard from the Mechanic who came out to see and diagnose the vehicle, that the concern mentioned above is common with these vehicles if they have lived outside of the Franchised Dealer Service Network such as this one has,


further more Mercedes Know of the concern and declined to do a recall only addressing the above concern if the customer raised it with the Franchised dealer where an upgraded kit of parts replaced the absurdly soft gears on the camshaft as it was a design production failure, but only if the customer raised the concern??


First Joined this brilliant forum in 2010, and I suffer from PTSD a mental health condition and my memory isn't to good sadly, yes you are absolutely right I should have approached the forum earlier.....but im not in a good place most of the time

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You haven't told us how much you paid. You also haven't told us the age of the vehicle.

Why did you pay cash rather than a credit card?


Did you raise any of the other issues that emerged with the dealer? What was the response?

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  • BankFodder changed the title to Cars Engine has stopped Working????.......Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd of Newport

Also I suddenly realise that you don't appear to have taken up this major problem with the dealer at all. I'm very rarely on the side of the dealer but it must have been at least reasonable to bring it to their attention and to give them a chance. Is there any reason why you haven't approached them?

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Is this the company? https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11961803

It looks like a very new company – incorporated April this year



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Age of the vehicle is a 2009, paid cash £2999 as I had the money to do so at that time but can now no longer work due to ill health, raised the issue once I understood what the concern was, as it would be ridiculous to state that the car no longer runs without investigation, although its not down to me to investigate and confirm that the vehicle no longer runs and why under the consumer rights act 2015 Im sure you would agree?....... had to wait a week or so to arrange the Mechanic to have look at it.


So yes we have brought it to their attention now that we know what the concern is, I have also sent one of the directors who sold me the car a text message with photographic evidence??


In relation to the other concern which was the switch pack, the director offered and paid only half of the £160 bill, the other things previously stated such as brakes and tyres we paid for assuming that these are wear and tear items and possibly couldn't be claimed for, so although they are a niggle we paid for them out of our own pocket on that basis


And yes it is a new Company formed in April 

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This is the Letter sent to Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd, attached to this letter was the signed receipt from both parties for the purchase of the vehicle, also photographic evidence has been supplied.


Letter as follows:



Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd, - Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor Sport


Former Registration Number: …..– Current Registration: …..


I purchased the Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor Sport from Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd. At the point of purchase, I paid £2999.

The Mercedes CLK 200 Kompressor Sport is unfit for purpose. Car Will Not Start and run, we have subsequently had a Mercedes Master Technician Diagnose the Car and have found that the car is not currently fit for purpose due to a timing chain concern with this cars M271 Engine, which he has confirmed this car has.

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 makes it an implied term of the contract I have with Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd that goods be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality.

As you are in breach of contract, and I've owned the product for less than 6 months I am within my statutory rights to ask for it to be repaired at no further cost or inconvenience to me and at a repairer of my choice.

I await confirmation that you will provide the remedy set out above within 14 days of the date of this letter.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I Have A Mercedes CLK 2009 I bought this vehicle used from Caldicot Trade Sales Ltd in on the 5th Of July 2019, I paid cash for it and so no finance, having recently requested a copy of the original advert supplied to Autotrader I find the vehicle has been misrepresented, in as far as the vehicle should have tinted privacy glass, it doesn't ?


What are my legal rights here please?


This is part of an ongoing case for further reading please see: 



Many thanks for all and any help







Kind Regards



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please keep to one thread.


threads merged

please don't hit Quote...just type we know what we said earlier..

DCA's view debtors as suckers, marks and mugs

NO DCA has ANY legal powers whatsoever on ANY debt no matter what it's Type

and they

are NOT and can NEVER  be BAILIFFS. even if a debt has been to court..

If everyone stopped blindly paying DCA's Tomorrow, their industry would collapse overnight... 

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I've rather lost the plot on this.

Would you mind simply restating where you are on this – in a brief bullet pointed chronology. Thanks

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Contacted the trader

  • Trying to be helpful I arranged the vehicle to have an investigation of the fault with the engine at great inconvenience to me, with a very knowledgeable and confident specialist, the Vendor communicated that he was prepared to pay for the report and investigation of the engine fault, as yet the specialist hasn't been paid, and the cars engine is in bits within the specialists workshop....keen to try and fix the car I have even offered to pay half so that we can use this particular specialist, such is the good name he has.....I am not keen for the vehicle to go back to Caldicot Trade Sales, although I know that this is the Law for fear of a very poor grudge fix, and causing more damage  by possibly using substandard parts, I raised my concern with the vendor about using spurious and none genuine parts and requested that he only use genuine NEW Mercedes parts he has refused to do so.
  • Speaking with the specialist about my vehicle, he has been very helpful and suggested the 50% financial split to try and help, mentioning that the vendor could actually claim back any VAT through the vendors business......this idea has also been shunned although currently not rejected, the vendor has mentioned if he cant fix my car for next to nothing then he will buy back the vehicle, well Im very happy with the vehicle other than the engine issue and misdescription, and the vehicle is not for sale 
  • Contacted Autotrader to get a copy of the original advert, to find that the vehicle should have privacy glass as stated in the original advert of which I have a copy. and it hasnt got privacy glass?
  • So far I have spent £760 on parts to fix issues on the vehicle which I have the receipts
  • I have also found out that the car has had rear end shunt, and the boot lid has been poorly repaired so this will need to be repaired also, along with a broken rear exhaust

Apart from the engine issues as mentioned above I was quite prepared rightly or wrongly to fix the other problems, basing this on age mileage and wear and tear items etc, we have had little use of the car and reduced to finding other forms of transport, which has proved difficult at times as my wife is on call as part of her shift pattern as Nurse at the local hospital.


All directors of the business have been furnished with my complaint by registered letter, and the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Mentioned to them 


Any and all help would be much appreciated




Kind Regards



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Looking at your summary that you have posted, and your original post which started off this thread, I see that you have a high mileage vehicle which has spent most of the eight weeks of your ownership of the road. A specialist has suggested a 50-50 split on the cost of repairs. Given the fact that it is the second hand high mileage vehicle, this seems to me to be a very reasonable compromise. I don't think you would be entitled to have it repaired with completely new parts paid for completely by the dealer.

You say that this offer hasn't actually been rejected although it has been "shunned". I think you should pursue this is a possibility. I also see that apparently the seller of the vehicle has consented to an independent investigation and has said that they were prepared to pay for the report. However the report has been completed yet and so far the investigator hasn't been paid anything. It seems to me that if the dealer is agree to pay for the report then it would probably be for you to pay the independent investigator and then to recover the money from the dealer. I know that this means that you lay yourself open to being ripped off by the dealer who may subsequently refuse. However, on the basis of what you say that seems to be the agreement. Do you have all this in writing?

I agree with you that you are under no obligation to sell the vehicle back to the dealer. However this might be the best option to cut your losses. Personally I think on the basis of what you say, the best thing to do would be to return the vehicle to the dealer, get a refund and then pursue him for any expenses that you have incurred as a result of his breach of contract.


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Good Morning


I have paid for the independent report from my own pocket I thought it wasn't fair for the repairer to be out of pocket, when communicating with the vendor yesterday through text he stated that he will not pay the repairer until such time as he has the report in his hands, isn't this a bit like going to the supermarket having food and saying I will pay next week once I have tasted the food?? yes the request for the report is in writing from the vendor albeit in text form.


I will furnish the vendor the report, and see if he offers half towards the repair

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What does the report say?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Bank Fodder,


Caldicot Trade Centre paid a portion to the repair so Im happy with that to be fair, yes it was protracted but I am happy.


However I have a new problem


I sent the car to a Mercedes Repairer and they have damaged the sump, as a result I now have an oil Leak quite badly on my drive whereas previously the car had sat on my drive for a considerable amount of time and no oil leak,


now the car is repaired and I have a bad oil leak.......

the repairer has said it isn't his fault and said it was cracked before he touched it and somebody had over torqued the sump plug.....

if thats true, why not raise the concern with the workshop controller prior to fitting the new plug?......


.so now the garage has fitted a new sump plug and it shows witness marks of over torqueing ( tightening) the plug and then sends me a video prior to me picking the car up....telling me that I have a cracked sump?? ........


.I have told the repairer that a third party engineer can confirm  that the engine wasn't leaking from the sump plug. 


I took out short term finance for the repair which amounted to £1k plus with the first payment and VAT paid up front........

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