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    • Yes, my initial view is that @unclebulgaria67 is probably right and that because it was a magistrate's warrant, it would be the energy company that would have been in control of the situation directly. Unfortunately this will be much more difficult to deal with then dealing directly with Marston but anyway if you give us your details as requested, we can at least get Outlook from that direction as well. I'm also wondering about the position of your landlord in this. As you have taken up a tenancy in a particular property then I would have thought that one of the terms of the tenancy would be that you should be entitled to quiet enjoyment. Although the landlord may say that it is not their fault and it is down to the previous tenant, at the end of the day you have a contract with the landlord who has certain responsibilities. I think we may consider involving the landlord in this as well. You say that there have been letters addressed to the previous tenant. What have you done with those?
    • Yes please. We have certain direct access to Marston and we may be able to get someone to look at this at a senior level. Please email us as requested with your own contact details and name of previous tenant.   We can't guarantee any particular result but we can promise you that it will be looked at.
    • they say in letter dated 20/01/20 that the agreement was terminated on 30 July 2017 and cannot be terminated twice, so your VT request is invalid. startline issued termination or Default notices on the following dates: letter: 30/03/2017 termination notice  liable for payment: arreaers to date : £365.38 the balance of: £10,586.50 total: £10,951.88 7 days notice else ROG+sums outstanding. ....................... Letter: 11/12/2017 Default Notice nature of breach: instalments of £211.73 due 30th each month. action to remedy: payment of arrears £449.23 by 30-12-17 other info: payments to date: £5226.91 outstanding: £9351.89 less rebate: £2251.41 Amount Due: £7100.48 if you act before 30-12-17 and have paid £7056.90 you can VT. ............ Letter: 27-07-2018 Default Notice refs a dn dated:31/05/2016 - there is no such DN in an SAR return. nature of breach: instalments of £211.73 on 30th each month. action to remedy: payment of arrears £226.73 by 15-08-2018 other info: on or after date 27-07-2018 we shall terminate,withdraw possesion and recoversums due upon termination. total paid: £6250.91 outstanding: £7647.28 less rebate: £1590.47 Amount Due: £6065.81 if you act before 15-08-18 and have paid £7056.90 you can VT. ........................  letter: 01-10-2018 termination notice  liable for payment: arreaers to date : £325.06 the balance of: £6079.75 total: £6404.81 7 days notice else ROG+sums outstanding. ……………………...     NEW ORDER STATEMENTS.pdf Doc1.pdf
    • thank you.   have you had issues paying credit before you took any of these out?   i'e were you keeping a good handle upon your credit file and it wasn't shot with any defaults or payment markers during the period when you applied and were successful in getting any of this additional credit?   my thoughts are ...should the above not be the case and your credit worthiness was good... so couldn't p'haps introduce some irresponsible lending complaints in association to them … it might be an idea to give all your creditors the heads up that times are hard and you wish them to help you, as they are duty bound to do, by freezing interest and any penalty fees to allow you to ride out this present financial hardship till things improve ...   how does that sound...   dx  
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My elderly parents have rented a house to a lady and her aunt for approximately 15yrs.


The lady was the original tenant who after a short period of time asked if her aunt could move in and share the rent, buy making her contribution in her entitlement to housing benefit.This was agreed and for many years things have ticked along, although the tenant has on many occasions allowed the paid proportion of the rent get into arrears.


The house is now in need of some repairs,

the tenant has been pointing this out for quite a while,

but due to some illness my parents have been slow to carry out the work. 


The tenant has now engaged a solicitor who is writing to my parents and making demands. 

My parents are quite willing to make the necessary repairs but the tenant has been difficult and refused access to workmen on 2 separate occasions.

The workmen were there to give estimates for necessary jobs.

Her argument was that they didn't have ID (Fair enough) but on both occasions they were accompanied by my father (an elderly sick gentleman) who had engaged them.


The solicitor continues to write with complaints and the tenant is becoming increasingly non compliant.

It's a bit of catch 22 and I feel there may be a hidden agenda...

(why complain about repairs and then refuse to allow those people who going to carry them out in to assess the job)

There is no current tenancy agreement, and the rent is in arrears (she has been underpaying for a period of approximately 6 months) 


During the summer, she complained about blocked gutters and asked if she got the work done herself could she deduct the cost from the rent.

this was agreed subject to a receipt being supplied.

She has since refused to supply the receipt. 


The solicitor has now stated that she is reporting my parents to the landlords licensing association and the local council. 

They have been given a list of repairs, (uploaded). 


Given that the tenant is being so difficult and that they are more than willing to do what is necessary it's beginning to feel a little like harassment.

They want to engage a solicitor themselves and I'm wondering how necessary it is.


Do they need to prepare themselves for legal action?

Are all of the repairs their responsibility?  (difficult to have the cash when the rent is in arrears)

How should they respond? 


I've uploaded letters sent but the solicitor is also emailing fairly constantly with over dramatic complaints about the slightest little thing....

My parents are both in ill health and very worried about this matter






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images posted directly to screen removed

please read upload

and use one multipage PDF.





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Did they Sign a Tenancy Agreement when they moved into the Property 15 yrs ago? (do they have a copy)


Could you also give us a bullet point list of each repair that is out standing with date reported by tenant and action taken to date?


Do they have an Electrical Safety Certificate for the Property?
Have they fitted Smoke Alarms in the Property?
Have they carried out a Gas Safety Inspection? (only if Gas in the Property)
When was the last time they gave notice and arranged to Inspect the Property?
Are they Registered with the Local Council as a Private Landlord?



How to Upload Documents/Images on CAG - **INSTRUCTIONS CLICK HERE**

FORUM RULES - Please ensure to read these before posting **FORUM RULES CLICK HERE**

I cannot give any advice by PM - If you provide a link to your Thread then I will be happy to offer advice there.

I advise to the best of my ability, but I am not a qualified professional, benefits lawyer nor Welfare Rights Adviser.

Please Donate button to the Consumer Action Group

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