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Hi all


Im asking for my brother in law, he recently got very ill and nearly died and since this hes decided to finally go bankrupt and wipe all his debts off as i told him to do years ago.


His main debt is with the taxman, its circa £35000, they were taking something like £400 per month out of his wages so hes decided to go bankrupt. Now im wondering does this get wiped off if he goes bankrupt or does it still count? he says he also owes some council tax - a few £1000 i think


Im assuming its easy enough to go bankrupt, just pay the fees and you have to not come into any money for 3? years or so or they can take nay lump sums off you to pay what you owed?



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Although the term “bankruptcy” may sound negative, it can sometimes help a person who is insolvent and needs a fresh start. You need to weigh the “downsides” of bankruptcy against the possible advantages.

The main advantages of bankruptcy are that:

  • When you are discharged from bankruptcy, your debts are written off. This includes income tax and most other debts; but not maintenance obligations, parking fines and student loans
  • You will normally be discharged after one year, or less
  • Once the bankruptcy order is made, your creditors may no longer contact you about your debts
  • If HMRC makes you bankrupt, you will not have to pay the court fees



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thank you, he cant work now due to illness so he thinks its the right thing for him to do

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